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24 solar terms | Grain Rain, Spring Rain Continuously, Rain Produces Hundred Grains

24 solar terms | Grain Rain, Spring Rain Continuously, Rain Produces Hundred Grains


Gu Yu is the last solar term of spring, which is derived from the meaning of "rain produces a hundred grains". In traditional agricultural culture, the Gu Yu solar term connects "grain" and "rain", indicating precipitation conditions and "rain produces a hundred grains".

The main characteristic of Gu Yu is the continuous spring rain, which generates hundreds of grains, reflecting the agricultural climate significance of Gu Yu. It is a reflection of ancient agricultural culture on festivals.

In some ancient Chinese works, Gu Yu was divided into three seasons:

The first time a duckweed is born;

The second wave of doves brushing its feathers;

The third candidate is Dai Sheng who surrendered to Sang

After the valley rain, the rainfall increased, and duckweed began to grow. Then the cuckoo bird began to remind people to sow, and then the Dai Sheng bird began to be seen on the mulberry tree.

What are the folk customs of the Gu Yu solar term, as summer is approaching and rain brings forth a hundred grains?

Eating Spring - Before and after the grain rain, Chinese toons are mellow, refreshing, and have high nutritional value. Therefore, there is a saying that "before the rain, Chinese toons are as tender as silk". People refer to picking and eating Chinese toons in spring as "eating spring". Chinese toon is generally divided into purple toon buds and green toon buds, with purple toon buds being the best.

Appreciating peonies - "Looking at peonies during the Three Dynasties of the Valley Rain". The peonies are known as the Valley Rain Flower and the Wealth Flower. Appreciating peonies during the Valley Rain season has lasted for thousands of years. According to Qing Gu Lu's "Qing Jia Lu", "Merchants are built in shrines and other halls, and the Gu Yu Hua Bureau is a new one. If you don't believe that meeting each other has no national color, the brocade shed only protects the jade tower in spring." To this day, peony flower fairs are held in Heze, Shandong and Luoyang, Henan during the Gu Yu season for people to watch and play.

Drinking Guyu Tea - Guyu tea is a tea made from fresh tea leaves collected on the day of Guyu, and must be picked in the morning. Guyu tea has a green color and soft leaves, rich in various vitamins and amino acids, and a pleasant aroma. Legend has it that drinking tea on this day of Gu Yu will clear the fire, ward off evil spirits, and brighten the eyes. So no matter what weather it is on Guyu day, people will go to the tea mountain to pick some new tea and come back to drink.

Grain rain is at the turn of spring and summer, and the cold and warm air often "fights". The temperature difference between morning and evening is large, and the humidity is heavy, so it is still necessary to pay attention to keeping warm.

In addition, during this season, one should have a regular lifestyle, go to bed and wake up early, preferably accompanied by some soothing aerobic exercise, such as walking, flying kites, and other activities, which are beneficial for physical and mental health.



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