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3.8 goddess Festival - Huahui education lighting respects "her" strength, stands tall and shines brightly

3.8 goddess Festival - Huahui education lighting respects "her" strength, stands tall and shines brightly


Huahui education lighting's female partners, colleagues and friends!

hello everyone!

The spring breeze blows across the face and opens a woman's intoxicating smile like a flower; With sincere dedication, the Manifesto of women's progress in the new era is revealed.

With the hardships of struggle and the joy of progress, we have gone through a year of vigorous development. We have learned to think and persevere, tasted success and harvest, and looked forward to the future. We are full of fighting spirit and passion! Opportunities and challenges coexist, success and dreams coexist!

In the twinkling of an eye, it is the season when grass grows and warblers fly, and it is March when willows are drunk in spring. On the occasion of March 8th women's day, Huahui education lighting extended cordial condolences and festival congratulations to all goddess partners cooperating with the company, all goddess colleagues and goddess families of the company! I would like to extend my high respect and heartfelt thanks to all colleagues who sincerely care about, support and understand Huahui education lighting work!

Looking back on the development of Huahui education lighting, we can see the hard work and selfless dedication of our partners and colleagues. With your practical actions of self-esteem, self-confidence, self-reliance and self-improvement, you spread love and strength for the development of Huahui education lighting, offer advice and add bricks and tiles for Huahui education lighting, and practice and set an example for the happiness of your family. You have become a beautiful scenery of Huahui education lighting and give full play to your strength in their respective jobs.

Although you don't have solid arms, you carry the two heavy burdens of work and family; Although you don't have strong physique, you have propped up half of the country; You shed sweat on the company, you decorate the factory with a smile, you release the hope of Huahui education lighting with wisdom, and you illuminate the tomorrow of Huahui education lighting with truth.

The spring breeze in March is playing the urgent pipes and numerous strings, the spring breeze in March depicts the brilliance, and the spring breeze in March sows the seeds of hope; The spring breeze in March decorates the plain female colleagues into the most beautiful scenery in the world. Let's extend our deep respect and best wishes to them, and wish all female friends to continue to write a beautiful chapter of their life in their ordinary posts!

We firmly believe that under the correct leadership of the company's leaders and with everyone's joint efforts, Huahui education lighting will have a better tomorrow! The goddess friends and colleagues of Huahui education lighting will be more and more excellent, more and more beautiful and happier!

Goddess Festival

May you have a smile in your eyes and the moonlight on your eyebrows

May your eyebrows and eyes remain the same and the years remain the same

May you stand tall and shine

Life is long, years are fine

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