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How to distinguish LED panel light


 There are two factors to effect the quality of LED Panel Light, one is material, the other is production craft.  The appearances of LED panel light in the market look same, but the price and the quality are different. Votwell shows you from which factors to distinguish them..

LED: The quality of LED is mainly decided by the quality of chip and the seal skill. The same power LED, if the Luminous Efficiency is higher, it will be more lighting and be power saving.

Light guide plate: 0.3mm laser lighting guide plate is better than printing one, usually using Mitsubishi.

Heat dissipation condition: The heat dissipation condition is very important, if the condition is not good, the chip always works in high temperature, lumen depreciation will be high, and the life the the panel light will reduce.

Driver: The efficiency of the driver should be the higher the better, the efficiency is higher, then the power dissipation is lower, the output power is higher. The life of the driver is about 2000-30000 hours, and the life of the chip is about 50000-100000 hours, the life of the driver decides the light life. The design and the material of the driver will decide the life of the driver.

Power factor: If the power factor is low, the life of the light will not long even using good chip. Our power factor is higher than 0.85. If it is lower than 0.5, the light is disqualification. The life is short and the actual consumption electrical energy is double. So we use high power factor driver to make LED panel light.