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August 1st Army Day: pay tribute to active servicemen and veterans!

August 1st Army Day: pay tribute to active servicemen and veterans!


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August 1 of each year is the anniversary of the founding of the Chinese people's Liberation Army, commonly known as "August 1" military day. On August 1, 1927, the Communist Party of China led more than 30000 Northern Expedition troops to Zhou Enlai  、 prominent military leader in early Communist movement  、 Ye Ting  、 Zhu De  、 Under the leadership of Liu Bocheng and others, an armed uprising was held in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, firing the first shot against the Kuomintang reactionaries.

On July 11, 1933, the Provisional Central Government of the Soviet Republic of China, in accordance with the proposal of the Central Revolutionary Military Commission on June 30, decided that August 1 was the anniversary of the establishment of the Chinese workers' and peasants' Red Army (the predecessor of the Chinese people's Liberation Army). On June 15, 1949, the Chinese people's Revolutionary Military Commission issued an order to take the word "August 1" as the main symbol of the military flag and emblem of the Chinese people's Liberation Army. After the founding of new China, this anniversary was renamed the army building day of the Chinese people's Liberation Army. During the military day, all parts of China should carry out military activities  “  Support the army, give priority to family members, support the government and love the people  ”  Activities to commemorate the birth of the people's army.

Tomorrow is army day

Huahui education lighting (brand "Huahui lighting")

All my colleagues sincerely wish

To those who have devoted their youth and

The most lovely person who is dedicating his youth in the military camp

We know deeply

Because of your load

Only then can our years be quiet

Because of you, our happiness is so clear

The motherland has you, and the family and country will be solid forever

Every drop of your sweat means a lot

You are the heroes of heaven and earth and the backbone of the nation

Salute, the backbone of prosperity

Huaishan river is affectionate and builds Chinese style character

It is ambitious to swallow mountains and rivers

Strengthening the army through science and technology and safeguarding the prosperous times

Gold and iron horses travel thousands of miles and shine on China on the battlefield

Wanli mountains and rivers are peaceful and happy. Thank you for your silent protection

You protect your home, we protect you

Pay tribute to the people's soldiers

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