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Case | led eye protection classroom lamps for Huahui education lighting illuminate Shunde Beijiao middle school

Case | led eye protection classroom lamps for Huahui education lighting illuminate Shunde Beijiao middle school


Campus introduction

Beijiao middle school, founded in 1959, is a complete middle school in the town. 60 years of wind and rain, spring and autumn, peach and plum fragrance, fragrance far and wide; Talents emerge in large numbers and are highly favored. The new school building was rebuilt in 1992, which was one of the schools with the most beautiful campus environment and complete facilities in the region at that time. In 1994, he was promoted to the first batch of first-class schools in Guangdong Province. Beijiao middle school in Shunde District is a complete middle school in the town. The school has a standard playground, fully functional teaching venues and teaching experimental buildings, an auditorium that can accommodate nearly 1300 people and a library with more than 100000 books. Beijiao middle school is a real garden style modern school with southern Guangdong characteristics.

During the Qingming Festival, Huahui education lighting (brand "Huahui lighting") carried out classroom lighting transformation for Beijiao middle school in Shunde. From the perspective of campus health optics, the LED eye protection classroom lighting lamps independently developed and produced are used to provide an eye protection and high-quality classroom lighting environment for the students of Beijiao middle school in accordance with the requirements of national standards!

——Before transformation——

The classroom adopts traditional fluorescent tubes. The light in some areas of the classroom is dim, the glare is serious, and the illumination of the light is uneven. Students studying in this light environment that does not meet the national standards for a long time can easily lead to visual fatigue, which is not conducive to the health of students' eyesight, resulting in myopia.

——After transformation——

Huahui education lighting installed Huahui led eye protection classroom lights in the classroom area of Beijiao middle school to create a comfortable lighting atmosphere, in which the illuminance and illuminance uniformity meet and exceed the requirements of the national standard for classroom lighting; Huahui led eye protection blackboard lamp is installed in the blackboard area, the light is clear and natural, and all classroom lighting indicators fully meet the national standards, so as to create an eye protection classroom lighting environment for students.

At the end of the Qingming Festival, the students saw that the classroom was equipped with new lamps and lanterns. The whole classroom was bright and comfortable, showing a happy smile.

It is worth mentioning that Huahui educational lighting (brand "Huahui lighting") is one of the first qualified units in the high-quality lighting environment of classrooms in South China. From 2019 to 2021, it has won the "top ten educational lighting brands" in China's lighting industry for three consecutive years. It strictly controls the color temperature, glare, blue light, illumination and other problems in educational lighting, effectively reduces students' visual fatigue and prevents myopia!

In line with the high-quality and cost-effective environment of Huaguang lighting, we will continue to strive to create a healthy and cost-effective classroom for students' eye care!

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