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Case: Shenzhen experimental school (primary school) classroom lighting transformation, give them a bright future

Case: Shenzhen experimental school (primary school) classroom lighting transformation, give them a bright future


School profile:

Shenzhen experimental school primary school was founded in 1985. It is a provincial-level school organized by Shenzhen Municipal Education Bureau, which is affiliated with Shenzhen experimental education group with Shenzhen experimental school's high school, junior middle school, middle school department and children's department. The primary school of Shenzhen experimental school is located in Hongli Road, Futian District, Shenzhen. The campus environment is beautiful, the school buildings are clean and orderly. The school has excellent conditions for running a school, advanced teaching equipment and facilities, and all classrooms are equipped with a full-featured teaching multimedia platform. The school has realized office automation. The campus network has been connected with all campus of the school. Teachers and students can smoothly access the Internet in the classroom, office, electronic reading room, etc., and carry out teaching activities and exchanges.

Since the eight departments including the Ministry of Education jointly issued the comprehensive prevention and control of children and adolescents myopia implementation plan in August 2018, the prevention and control of myopia among children and adolescents has been steadily promoted in all parts of the country, and important progress has been made. Huahui lighting has been deeply engaged in the lighting industry for more than 30 years, and has devoted itself to the research and development of educational lighting products, and is committed to providing high-quality lighting environment for children and adolescents, caring for their vision and building a bright future together!

Previously, Huahui education lighting (brand "Huahui lighting") has carried out classroom lighting transformation for Shenzhen experimental school (Primary School Department).

Before transformation

There are many health hazards in the lighting environment of Shenzhen experimental school (primary school): first, the blackboard lamp is equipped with only one fluorescent tube as the blackboard lighting lamp, and no special blackboard lighting lamp is installed, which has serious reflection glare; Second, the uniformity of horizontal illumination of classroom desk is poor, there are serious stroboscopic problems of fluorescent bulbs, and obvious glare effects, which greatly harm the students' eyesight health.

After transformation

After the Shenzhen experimental school (primary school) installed the bright and high-quality lighting environment, the illumination and uniformity of the classroom lighting met the requirements of the classroom lighting standards after the lighting LED LED LED LED LED was installed in the desk area; The lamp for blackboard lighting, led eye protection blackboard lamp, is specially installed in the blackboard area. The illumination angle can be adjusted according to the position of blackboard, and the light is clear and natural without reflection.

After testing, the plan of the lighting renovation of the classroom is designed based on the national standards. After the transformation, all the indicators meet the national standard of high-quality teaching lighting environment, and create a good environment for the classroom lighting, effectively care for the students' vision health, and teachers and students are not always satisfied!

It is worth mentioning: Huahui education lighting (brand "Huahui lighting") is the first unit to meet the requirements of the high-quality lighting environment in the classroom in South China. It is also the top ten educational lighting brands in China lighting industry in 2020. It strictly controls the color temperature, glare, blue light and illumination in education lighting, so that students can effectively reduce visual fatigue and prevent myopia effectively!

Huahui education lighting is based on the professional, healthy, eye protection and cost-effective initial heart, will continue to focus on the children and adolescents' vision health to contribute to provide the school with high-quality lighting environment, and strive to create a healthy eye-care classroom high-quality lighting environment!

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