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School Profile:

The school covers an area of 78 mu, of which the stadium covers an area of 53.1 mu. It has a 400m standard plastic runway, five standard basketball courts, a unique standard baseball field and a standard tennis court in Shanghai. With a construction area of 15000 square meters, the campus has a complete discipline laboratory and indoor sports center, equipped with library, electronic reading room, electronic lesson preparation room, special voice classroom and computer room; All classrooms are equipped with multimedia teaching equipment. High standard first-class facilities provide strong hardware support for the school to solidly promote quality education and comprehensively improve the level of teaching and research.

Since August 2018, the Ministry of education and other eight departments jointly issued the implementation plan for comprehensive prevention and control of myopia among children and adolescents, all parts of the country have solidly promoted the prevention and control of myopia among children and adolescents, and made important phased progress. As a factor directly related to students' visual health, classroom lighting is gradually known by the public. How to create a high-quality teaching environment is not only the guarantee of students' eye health, but also an important link in school preparation.

During the summer vacation, Huahui education lighting (brand "Huahui lighting") carried out the lighting transformation of smart classroom for Shanghai Minhang No. 4 middle school.

The smart classroom lighting transformation of Shanghai Minhang No. 4 middle school is designed based on national standards. Huahui led eye protection smart classroom lights are installed in the classroom desk area. The classroom as a whole creates a bright and high-quality lighting atmosphere, and the illuminance and illuminance uniformity meet the classroom lighting standards; The classroom blackboard area is equipped with Huahui led eye protection intelligent blackboard lamp, which can adjust the irradiation angle according to the blackboard position. The light is clear and natural without reflection.

The following is the effect before and after lighting after the transformation of classroom lighting


With the continuous empowerment of modern education by new technologies such as artificial intelligence and 5g, Huahui lighting has launched intelligent education lighting and system to enable teachers and students to enjoy intelligent campus life. This time, Shanghai Minhang No. 4 middle school also used Huahui full screen touch scene switch to link with eye protection lamps in intelligent classroom, and switch the mode required for teaching with one button, which greatly improves the teaching and learning efficiency of teachers and students!

After debugging after installation, all indicators meet the national high-quality lighting environment standard for teaching, create a high-quality lighting environment with intelligence and eye care health for the classroom, switch the modes required for teaching with one button, greatly improve the teaching and learning efficiency of teachers and students, and effectively take care of their eyesight health. As a special "opening gift" to the teachers and students of Minhang No. 4 middle school!

It is worth mentioning that Huahui education lighting (brand "Huahui lighting") is the first batch of qualified units for high-quality lighting environment in classrooms in South China, and it is also the "top ten education lighting brands" in China's lighting industry in 2020. It strictly controls the color temperature, glare, blue light, illumination and other problems in education lighting, so that students can effectively reduce visual fatigue and effectively prevent myopia!

Based on the original intention of professionalism, health, eye care and high cost performance, Huahui education lighting will continue to focus on contributing to the vision health of children and adolescents, and strive to create a high-quality lighting environment for healthy eye care classrooms!

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