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Chen Haibo, Secretary General of Guangdong lighting society, and his party visit Guangdong zhiduoduo

Chen Haibo, Secretary General of Guangdong lighting society, and his party visit Guangdong zhiduoduo


On the morning of July 14, 2021, Mr. Chen Haibo, vice president of Guangdong Lighting Association, Secretary General of Guangdong lighting society and director of Guangdong Provincial Quality Inspection Institute, took the Secretary General of Guangdong optical environment industry technology innovation alliance Ms. chenyumei, Secretary General of the production, learning and research innovation alliance of the Ministry of semiconductor lighting engineering, visited Guangdong Zhiduo Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (brand "Huahui lighting") for a visit and exchange. Mr. Wu Ming, deputy general manager of Guangdong Zhiduo and Mr. roneyun, deputy general manager of technology, warmly welcomed all leaders.

A group of people on the spot conducted a deeper study on the "Guangdong local standards". It is gratifying to take Guangdong Zhiduo (brand "Huahui lighting") as a benchmark demonstration unit.

With the innovation technology in artificial intelligence, Internet of things, 5g and other fields, modern education is constantly empowered.

Mr. luonengyun, deputy general manager of Guangdong Zhiduo Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., introduced to all leaders that the company has the brand of "Huahui lighting". This brand is the first unit to meet the requirements of the high-quality lighting environment of classroom in South China and the top ten education lighting brands in China lighting industry in 2020. It strictly controls the color temperature, glare, illumination and other problems in education lighting, Avoid the bad light to the students' vision health caused by harm!

It is worth mentioning: in 2020, the epidemic will affect the epidemic, and ultraviolet lamp is also a good anti epidemic material. Guangdong Zhiduo has designed and launched the application of aiot intelligent education lighting and ultraviolet sterilization scheme. Through the intelligent lighting products independently developed, it carries the intelligent box independently developed, and easily switches the mode according to the teaching needs by using the intelligent control panel switch or mobile app, so as to realize the intelligent requirements of constant illumination, one key scene control and ultraviolet sterilization in the whole classroom, Provide teachers and students with an intelligent, eye protection and high-quality classroom lighting environment!

Guangdong Zhiduo (brand "Huahui lighting") has always adhered to the development concept of "innovation, brand power and sustainability". It is imperative to do it and do so. It has constantly strengthened cooperation with scientific research institutes, strengthened the integration of superior resources, and improved the comprehensive strength of independent R & D, design, production and sales of products.

At present, Guangdong Zhiduo (the brand "Huahui lighting") has hundreds of invention patents, utility model patents, appearance patents and computer software copyright, and participates in the formulation of many standards such as domestic education lighting, intelligent lighting, intelligent control and so on.

Wisdom I think, wisdom makes the future! Huahui, is not just a lighting enterprise……

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