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Classroom lighting renovation, assisted by Huahui AIoT smart education lighting solution!

Classroom lighting renovation, assisted by Huahui AIoT smart education lighting solution!


Myopia in children and adolescents is a major public health issue, and the reasonable lighting conditions directly affect the degree of eye fatigue. For schools, educational lighting is an important component. A good classroom lighting environment can provide students with the most comfortable lighting quality, improve learning efficiency, reduce visual fatigue, and help maintain the health of teachers and students. At the same time, the mechanism of the impact of light on human health has been deeply studied, and people's health concepts have been continuously improved, making a healthy and comfortable light environment increasingly important.

Previously, the Ministry of Education, the National Health Commission The "Implementation Plan for Comprehensive Prevention and Control of Myopia in Children and Adolescents" jointly issued by the Ministry of Finance and eight other departments proposes to provide students with a learning environment that meets the requirements of eye hygiene, strictly follow the construction standards of ordinary primary and secondary vocational schools, implement lighting and lighting requirements for teachers, dormitories, libraries (reading rooms), use lighting equipment that is conducive to visual health, and improve the compliance rate of school classroom lighting hygiene standards.

As a promoter of campus lighting and health, Huahui Lighting has been deeply involved in the lighting industry for 28 years. It is one of the first units to meet the standards for high-quality lighting environment in classrooms in South China and also one of the "Top Ten Education Lighting Brands" in the lighting industry in China in 2022. It strictly controls color temperature, glare, blue light, illuminance, and other issues in educational lighting to avoid harmful lighting to students' visual health.

The education lighting fixtures (led classroom lights and led blackboard lights) of Huahui AIoT Intelligent Education Lighting Overall Solution adopt high-precision low ripple constant current drive technology, with no flicker of the light source, to alleviate visual fatigue; Carefully selected natural light color temperature, no flicker, blue light level reaches RG0, protecting students' visual health; Adopting a high-definition light source with Ra>90, it has high color reproduction and protects students' color recognition.

The overall solution for Huahui AIoT smart education lighting mainly consists of a control system consisting of intelligent LED classroom lights, intelligent LED blackboard lights, and intelligent touch panels. It can also add intelligent electric curtains, air conditioning control modules, projector controllers, etc., which can expand the control of more electrical devices in the classroom, making scene mode switching simple and convenient. By using self-developed intelligent lighting products equipped with self-developed intelligent boxes (such as intelligent distribution boxes or intelligent air switches), intelligent full touch screen scene switches, remote controls, or mobile apps can easily switch between lighting modes that meet teaching needs, achieving intelligent requirements such as constant illumination, one click scene control, curtain linkage, and UV sterilization for the entire classroom!

The overall solution of Huahui AIoT intelligent educational lighting not only improves the intelligence level of educational lighting, but also makes the classroom more intelligent and humanized; Moreover, it reduces energy waste and determines the light on and off based on specific circumstances, effectively suppressing the situation of turning on the light even when there is sufficient sunlight during the day, with good energy-saving effects; In addition, classroom lighting has changed from manual control to intelligent control, reducing maintenance costs and manual inspection costs.



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