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Guangdong: 1179 classrooms in Guangning County, Zhaoqing have completed lighting renovation

Guangdong: 1179 classrooms in Guangning County, Zhaoqing have completed lighting renovation


The lighting is very soft, no longer so dazzling. "On April 14th, the reporter saw in the classroom of He Chuming Middle School in Guangning that the lighting was bright but not dazzling, and the students expressed satisfaction. This is a microcosm of the good results achieved in promoting classroom lighting renovation in Guangning County.

In order to improve the students' eye environment and provide bright, healthy, and intelligent classroom lighting for children, the Education Bureau of Guangning County has taken multiple measures to incorporate the school's "Bright Eyes and Eye Protection" project into the people's livelihood practical project, and carry out lighting renovation in primary and secondary schools throughout the county. This work is at the forefront of the city and has received recognition and commendation from the Municipal Education Bureau.

Ou Zhuowei, the principal of Guangning He Chu Ming High School, introduced that the school leaders have abandoned the concept of "waiting and relying on others" and changed from "asking me to change" to "I want to change". They have established a transformation work group to implement, follow up, and supervise, ensuring that each link is completed efficiently and with high quality. At the same time, funds were allocated from the school's hardware renovation and upgrading to solve the financial "bottleneck" problem. In the early stage, the school piloted the renovation of two classrooms to allow teachers and students to experience, and hired third-party institutions for acceptance. After evaluation by the education department, it was promoted to all classrooms.

At present, all 76 classrooms in the school have been renovated, "Ou Zhuowei told reporters. Before the renovation, most classrooms used traditional light tubes for lighting, which had high flicker, insufficient brightness, and uneven lighting. In this environment, long-term learning can easily cause eye fatigue and affect concentration. After the renovation, the lighting is softer and the spectrum is even. No matter where you sit, there will be no hand shadows, which effectively protects children's eyes.

Luo Xiongwei, Deputy Director of the Education Bureau of Guangning County, told reporters that based on the actual situation of each school's classrooms, the lighting equipment renovation method should be scientifically and reasonably determined, and qualified lamps should be replaced to ensure that the classroom lighting renovation acceptance meets the latest national standards.

Guangning County regards the construction and renovation of school classroom lighting as a practical livelihood project for the people. Through a "few small" approach (mainly self raised by the school, supplemented by financial investment and social donations), funds are raised from multiple sources, while strengthening supervision to ensure that the quality is in place and the progress is in place, comprehensively promoting the construction and renovation of school classroom lighting.

It is understood that there are 21 primary schools, 15 middle schools, 6 nine-year schools, 1 twelve-year school, 2 complete middle schools, and 1 vocational school in Guangning County. There are 1240 classrooms that need to be renovated, and 210 functional rooms. As of the end of 2022, the county has invested over 9.6 million yuan in renovation funds and completed the renovation of lighting equipment in 1179 classrooms, with a completion rate of over 80%. The overall myopia rate of children and adolescents in the county has continued to decrease annually from 2018.

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