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Happy Valentine's day on Tanabata | Huahui education lighting wishes lovers all over the world get married

Happy Valentine's day on Tanabata | Huahui education lighting wishes lovers all over the world get married


The breeze laughs with the clear water,

The bright moon accompanies the osmanthus blossom;

The magpie bridge shines with the stars,

Roses accompany the fragrance of love.

Today is the Tanabata Festival

Huahui education lighting gives you heartfelt blessing

Wish you a happy Tanabata Festival, peace and joy


Qixi Festival, also known as Qiqiao Festival, Qiqiao Festival and Qixi Festival, is a traditional Chinese folk festival. Originally derived from Xingxiu worship, through historical development, Tanabata has become a romantic festival symbolizing love because it is endowed with the beautiful love legend of "Cowherd and Weaver Girl". In modern times, it has the cultural meaning of "Chinese Valentine's Day".

May everyone in the world spend their life with the people they love most, and may everyone who has love in his heart reap the longest love confession. Tanabata Festival, thank the people I love most in my life.

Thank my parents for giving me the most precious life and bringing me up. No matter where I go, this kindness is always in mind and never forgotten. Mom and Dad, I love you. I hope time will slow down. I hope time will be gentle and let you grow old slowly.

Thank your partner for decades of ups and downs. My lover is the person who has been with me for the longest time in the world. Thank you for sticking to me and cherishing me. My love, I love you, no matter how difficult life is, having you by my side is the greatest peace of mind.

Thank you for meeting you, working hard and growing up together. Although we are not related by blood, neither brothers nor family, you have always given me help and support, which is no less than family affection.

Tanabata Festival, this is a beautiful day

All shall be well, Jack shall have jill

Live a happy, safe and healthy life

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