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Hello, 2023!! Happy New Year's Day!!

Hello, 2023!! Happy New Year's Day!!


Once the wax is gone, the east wind should gradually smell,

One night is still a little bit long, and two years old want to share equally.

In the dark, when the bucket falls, the spring is full of blossom,

In the Ming Dynasty, when we were drinking, we first met with Zhu Yaojun.

Unconsciously, 2022, full of emotions and sorrows, has come to an end. The new year has quietly arrived. The road ahead is vast, and everything can be expected!! In the new year, Huahui Education Lighting wishes you well and everything goes smoothly!!

There will always be someone who will go with you along the way;

I only wish to be healthy every year and see each other every year;

I wish the stars were bright, and what you see is what you read!

2022 is the last year for us to fight against the COVID-19 epidemic. From the end of 2019 to the present, there have been many ordinary and great anti epidemic heroes during the epidemic. We are grateful to these kind people. Thanks to our concerted efforts and mutual help, we have entered the spring of 2023 smoothly. In the new year, I hope there will still be sunshine and warmth!!

In the new year, I hope everyone can win everything, peace and joy;

Since then, the eyes are beautiful, the surroundings are sunny, and the corners of the mouth are smiling;

There are fireworks in Fusheng near my ears. The cold winter is over in my heart, and the stars are always bright!

Promise fireworks all over the four cities, and make every family happy on New Year's Day;

Listen to the echo of the bell and start again;

The spring scenery is clear and peaceful, and everything looks fresh.

In the new year, Huahui Education Lighting wishes everyone:

When spring goes and autumn goes, everything will be successful;

All kinds of hustle and bustle have turned into clear breeze and bright moon, and all dreams of the four parties have been fulfilled!

In the new year, Huahui Education Lighting will not forget its original intention and work harder to provide you with better lighting products and services!

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