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Huahui education lighting participated in the industrial pairing activity of "Shunde small and medium-sized enterprises enter Jianhe, Guizhou"

Huahui education lighting participated in the industrial pairing activity of "Shunde small and medium-sized enterprises enter Jianhe, Guizhou"


Mountains and seas join hands to write a new chapter of cooperation between Guangdong and Guizhou in the 14th five year plan. From September 9 to 12, Ms. Dai Jiaohua, general manager of Foshan Shunde Huada Electric Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (also known as Huahui education lighting, brand "Huahui lighting"), participated in the industrial pairing activity of "Shunde small and medium-sized enterprises entering Jianhe river in Guizhou" organized by Foshan Shunde Jingke small and medium-sized enterprise service center. More than 30 principals of small and medium-sized enterprises with Shunde Industrial Characteristics went to Jianhe County, Qiandongnan Prefecture, Guizhou Province to investigate the local business environment and investment direction, connect with local characteristic enterprises, explore cooperation opportunities, and deepen and improve mutual consultation and cooperation between the two places.

During the four-day event, entrepreneurs visited China Resources Hope Town, Jianhe edible fungus demonstration base, Zhang's Classical Furniture Co., Ltd., Jianhe Uncaria storage and processing center, etc. these projects and enterprises involved Jianhe characteristic and advantageous industries such as culture and tourism, intensive processing of forest products, green food and special food processing. Wherever they go, Shunde entrepreneurs have a detailed understanding of production and operation and look for business opportunities.

On September 10, an investigation forum was held. Li Dongwen, member of the Standing Committee of Jianhe county Party committee and deputy county head, Wang Ping, deputy county head, and heads of relevant functional departments such as agriculture and rural Bureau, industry and information technology, investment promotion and vocational education attended the meeting.

At the inspection forum, Shunde entrepreneurs spoke freely about industrial cooperation between the two places and the optimization of investment environment in Jianhe river, and unanimously expressed that they would deepen and expand the modes of "Guangdong enterprises + Guizhou resources", "Guangdong headquarters + Guizhou base" and "Guangdong R & D + Guizhou manufacturing", so as to help Guizhou goods out of the mountain and push Guizhou goods out of the sea.

Li Dongwen, member of the Standing Committee of Jianhe county Party committee and deputy county magistrate, said that Shunde people "know how to do, deal with and be firm". Jianhe has a superior ecological environment. He hopes that the two sides will strengthen contact, learning and cooperation, work together to revitalize mountains and seas, and deepen and implement East West cooperation. He suggested that, combined with the advantages of Jianhe, Shunde entrepreneurs can make precise efforts in the fields of vegetable basket project in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, deep processing of wood and traditional Chinese medicine.

"Small and medium-sized enterprises can do great things, and Shunde small and medium-sized enterprises have great prospects in the process of cooperation between the East and the West." he bin, director of Shunde economic science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise service center, said that this activity was supported by the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises in Shunde, aimed at implementing the regional coordinated development strategy and further implementing the proposal put forward by the Shunde research group in Jianhe county The task of "stepping up communication and docking, strengthening exchanges in various fields and solidly promoting cooperation between the East and the west" is to strengthen the complementary advantages and common development of Shunde small and medium-sized enterprises and Jianhe resources.

(the pink dress above is Ms. Dai Jiaohua, general manager of Huahui education lighting)

According to the new round of adjustment and arrangement of East-West cooperative twinning relationship, Foshan City has provided counterpart assistance to Qiandongnan Prefecture; among them, Shunde District has provided twinning assistance to Leishan County, Taijiang County, Jianhe county and Sansui county. Jianhe County officially withdrew from the poverty-stricken county sequence on March 3, 2020 to "take off the hat" to get rid of poverty. In the 14th five year plan In the opening year, Jianhe county is ready to go. It is vigorously promoting the scale of characteristic and advantageous industries, focusing on six industries: intensive processing of jujiaolin products, production and deep processing of medicinal materials, clean energy, processing of electronic products, processing of green food and characteristic food, and culture and tourism.

As a counterpart assistance unit, Shunde District will give full play to the comprehensive advantages of the first mover area, integrate the forces of all sectors of society, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with Jianhe County in industrial assistance, labor cooperation, rural construction, talent support and other aspects, and promote the high-quality economic and social development of Jianhe County. At the same time, it will gather the advantages of both sides and promote the small and medium-sized enterprises of both sides through business interaction in the form of industrial pairing The industry has carried out exchanges in various fields, promoted cooperation between the East and the west, and achieved new results in specific cooperation.

Foshan Shunde Huada Electric Appliance Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Shunde, the cradle of China's intellectual manufacturing center and the world's top 500 enterprises. It has a famous Chinese brand "Huahui lighting electric" Since its establishment in 1995, the company has focused on R & D, production and sales of various indoor lighting products, adhering to providing lighting system solutions for education, office and other places, and achieved Huahui's professional brand image in the lighting field.

With the accelerated penetration of artificial intelligence, 5g communication and other technologies, Huahui lighting has the courage to innovate, closely follow the pulse of the times, and introduce domestic advanced software team and intelligent hardware team. At present, Huahui lighting has led the industry in education eye care lighting, sterilization and disinfection lamps, intelligent control and other sectors, creating intelligent scenes such as aiot smart education, smart office, smart hospital and smart home.

Combined with the self-developed smart box, Huahui intelligent lighting products can easily switch the required intelligent scenes using the control panel or mobile app, and realize the needs of constant illumination, scene control, curtain linkage, ultraviolet sterilization, ambient temperature and humidity control, intelligent appliance interconnection and so on with one key, so that customers can enjoy a safe, eye-friendly and efficient intelligent space!

Huahui lighting has always adhered to "innovation, brand and sustainability" We have constantly strengthened cooperation with scientific research institutes, strengthened the integration of advantageous resources, and improved the comprehensive strength of independent R & D, design, production and sales of products. At present, we have dozens of invention patents, utility model patents, appearance patents and computer software copyrights, and participated in many domestic standards such as educational lighting, intelligent lighting and intelligent control formulate.

Huahui, Huashi Shenghui, strengthen the entity and lead the future; Huahui is not just a lighting enterprise

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