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Huahui education lighting wishes you a happy Lantern Festival and a healthy family!

Huahui education lighting wishes you a happy Lantern Festival and a healthy family!


Today's Lantern Festival, "Shuowen Jiezi" contains:

"Yuan is the beginning; night is the night."

Lantern Festival means the first full moon night of the new year.

Since that night, the moon moved west and spring returned to the earth.

Flaming trees and silver flowers, fragrant cars and BMW.

In the dim light, the sweetheart between the eyebrows.

On spring night, there are lanterns and several Shengge tenglang moons;

Beautiful scenery on a fine night, and the music of ten thousand flute and pipe in a good year.

All colleagues of Huahui education lighting wish you:

Happy Lantern Festival, full moon and everything!

——Origin of the Lantern Festival——

The fire trees and silver flowers are united, and the iron lock of the star bridge is opened. In China, the first month of the lunar calendar is the first month. In ancient times, night was called "Xiao", so the 15th day of the first full moon in a year is called "Lantern Festival".

The Lantern Festival originated in the Han Dynasty. Since the Han Dynasty, China has lit lanterns on the Lantern Festival, which has gradually developed into a custom.

Lights and rivers are the world in February. This year's Lantern Festival, my blessing only increases but not decreases. May you always believe that all difficulties will pass, hope is always ahead, and all lights are shining!

——The implication of the Lantern Festival——

The Lantern Festival is the beginning of vitality. Often, after the beginning of spring, everything just sprouts. Before it blooms, people make all kinds of colorful lanterns to hang on the streets.

The craftsmen who make lamps are ingenious. They paint all kinds of flowers, birds and animals on the lamps, and then decorate them with dyed paper with various bright colors. In traditional Chinese year, in order to celebrate the arrival of this day, men, women and children will go out to temple fairs, enjoy lantern flowers and guess lantern riddles.

"Flaming trees and silver lanterns are like the day, and BMW carved cars are fragrant all over the road". The streets and alleys are decorated with lights and colorful, lively and extraordinary. We celebrate the new year with bright lights on the streets, and sincerely pray for good weather in the new year. We hope that every day in the future will be as bright and happy as this night.

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