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Huahui Lighting - Is the transformation of classroom lighting just to change a lamp?

Huahui Lighting - Is the transformation of classroom lighting just to change a lamp?


Since 2018, the Ministry of Education, the National Health Commission and other eight departments jointly issued the Implementation Plan for the Comprehensive Prevention and Control of Myopia in Children and Adolescents, under the increasing attention of all sectors of society to the eye health of children and adolescents, and with the support of a series of relevant policies, classroom lighting has become one of the leading markets for healthy lighting, and all provinces and cities across the country have carried out classroom lighting renovation work, Further create a healthy and comfortable light environment for students in the campus classroom, and improve the eye health level of children and adolescents.

At present, many schools still use traditional fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps as classroom lighting. They lack high-quality and efficient lighting products and scientific and reasonable lighting schemes (the number of light sources is small, and the installation and layout are random). There are a series of problems in the classroom, such as low average illumination of desks and blackboards, severe stroboscopic, glare, etc., resulting in poor classroom lighting effect. The quality of classroom lighting directly affects students' learning efficiency and vision health.

There is a unified standard for classroom lighting in primary and secondary schools - from the implementation of GB7793 "Hygienic Standard for Lighting and Lighting in Primary and Secondary School Classrooms" in 2011 to the implementation of GB/T 36876 "Hygienic Requirements for Lighting Design and Installation of General Classrooms in Primary and Secondary Schools" in 2019, all of which have detailed provisions on the illumination of the desktop and blackboard surface and the design and installation hygiene requirements of the general classroom in primary and secondary schools, which is of positive significance for protecting the eyesight of teenagers. Indoor lighting, especially the lighting environment that needs to be fixed in a place for work or study for a long time, should pay more attention to the safety, health and comfort of lighting in addition to meeting the national unified classroom lighting standards.

For this reason, Huahui Lighting has designed special lighting fixtures for classroom lighting - led eye-protection classroom lamp and led eye-protection blackboard lamp, which meet the national standard and maintain an average (constant) illuminance of more than 300lx and an illuminance uniformity of 0.7; The blackboard maintains an average (constant) illuminance of 500lx and an illuminance uniformity of 0.8; The color rendering index is greater than 90, and the color reversibility is high; The grille anti-glare design is adopted, and the glare value is less than 16, which is not dazzling; Color temperature 5000K, comfortable and soft; The illumination of the whole classroom is uniform, without stroboscopic and blue light hazard.

In addition, the "Smart Classroom Lighting 9+3 Solution" independently developed and designed by Huahui can also help traditional classroom lighting realize the transformation of modern smart classroom lighting. First, the classroom lighting is installed with 9 LED eye-protection classroom lights developed and produced by Huahui Lighting to achieve uniform lighting of ordinary classrooms. The eye-protection lights have the characteristics of no stroboscopic, no blue light, no glare, and use full-spectrum light sources, close to natural light, The light environment of the whole classroom is comfortable for eye protection, which is more conducive to students' learning. Secondly, the blackboard lighting is installed with three LED eye-protection blackboard lights developed and produced by Huahui Lighting. By adjusting the illumination angle of the blackboard lights, the blackboard lighting is uniform, avoiding the direct glare of the blackboard lights on the classroom, and also helping students to read the words on the blackboard. Therefore, the configuration of "9+3" can meet the requirements of national educational lighting standards, reduce energy consumption and save school costs.

Huahui intelligent educational lighting system realizes intelligent lighting and intelligent sterilization and disinfection, and strictly controls color temperature, glare, blue light, illuminance and other issues, to avoid harmful effects of poor lighting on vision health, protect children's young eyes, and prevent myopia.

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