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Improve the lighting environment of the classroom, and Huahui Education Lighting will realize it!

Improve the lighting environment of the classroom, and Huahui Education Lighting will realize it!


With the development of society and the progress of science and technology, classroom lights not only illuminate the classroom, but also provide good illumination, improve students' learning efficiency and ensure students' vision health, and create a safe and healthy classroom lighting environment for students.

In the past, we did not attach importance to classroom lighting. Of course, this is the historical reason. The fundamental reason is that there are no conditions. But with the development of the economy, our classroom lighting has gradually moved towards standardization. Now, the classroom lighting used in the transformation of classroom lighting generally refers to the LED classroom eye-protection lamp, which is the fourth generation of light source, and needs to obtain 3C certification, energy conservation certification, etc. Huahui Education Lighting has guaranteed the quality of lighting from the source of production.

The ideal classroom lighting environment is expected to meet the following requirements:

1. Sufficient illumination and brighter classroom; Huahui education lighting adopts high-quality LED light source, and the illumination and illumination uniformity are higher than the national standard requirements.

2. No glare and eye injury; Huahui education lighting adopts grille anti-glare design, with glare value less than 16, which is better than the requirement of national standard less than 19.

3. There is no light flickering and the eyes are comfortable; Stroboscopic light is harmless and relieves visual fatigue.

4. More vivid colors and clearer vision; High color rendering, ultra-high color reduction ability, extremely close to natural light, more continuous spectrum, softer light, and improved color discrimination.

5.5000K color temperature is moderate; Through the study of human eye comfort, it is proved that the light with color temperature lower than 4000K is too soft, which makes it difficult to concentrate; The light with color temperature higher than 6500K is too white, easy to be excited and tired; The light with a color temperature between 4000K and 5500K is moderate, which is very suitable for work and study.

6. There is no blue light hazard, and the use of eyes is more healthy. Through the design of eye protection optical lens, the blue light hazard can be effectively reduced.

7. Green energy conservation, realizing the goal of energy conservation on the basis of meeting the above eye protection requirements.

8. Environmental protection, free of toxic substances such as mercury and lead, recyclable materials and environmentally friendly.

At the same time, living in an unreasonable light environment for a long time will change the circadian rhythm of the human body, thus affecting the physical and mental health of the human body. Therefore, the lighting solution of Huahui Education Lighting Smart Classroom is equipped with six scenarios of intelligent switching: class mode, projection mode, lunch break mode, constant lighting mode, self-study mode and school completion mode. Through the control of the light, the secretion of melatonin in the human body is regulated, So as to achieve the effect of rhythmic lighting. After school, all the lamps in the classroom will be turned off and the sterilization lamp will be turned on. Sterilization and disinfection will ensure the health of the campus.

In the past, ordinary fluorescent lamp lighting used in classrooms had substandard brightness and produced glare and stroboscopic. Now, the classroom lighting reconstruction project focuses on improving the classroom desk illumination, the height of the classroom desk and lamps, the classroom desk illumination uniformity, the blackboard surface illumination, the blackboard surface illumination uniformity, anti-glare, color temperature, color rendering index, and so on. Each classroom is newly installed with 12 eye protection lamps, 3 of which are specially used for blackboard lighting, 9 evenly and vertically distributed above the desk. These eye protection lamps are superior to the national standard in terms of anti-blue light, anti-glare, no stroboscopic, average illumination and uniformity of the desk and other parameters, so as to ensure that students can learn in a high-quality lighting environment.

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