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In the post epidemic era, Huahui intelligent mobile germicidal lamp is ready to buy one for free!

In the post epidemic era, Huahui intelligent mobile germicidal lamp is ready to buy one for free!


The trip code has been used for three years since 2019

Fully offline from 0:00 on December 13, 2022

How I hope there will be no epidemic in the world, and the country will be peaceful and the people will be safe

In the post epidemic era of full liberalization

We are not only fighting for our own immunity

We should also pay attention to the surrounding environment

We can't avoid being exposed to

All kinds of bacteria or viruses

Then regular sterilization is essential

What is it that can

Do you sterilize all the time?


Huahui Intelligent Mobile Sterilization Lamp

(Daily price: 200 yuan/piece)

Good price special 198 buy one get one free!

That's 198 yuan. There are two!

If you are quick and slow, you will be sold out!

——Know more about ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization——

01 Advantages of ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization

Ultraviolet sterilization has the advantage of colorless, tasteless and no chemical substances left behind. Ultraviolet disinfection is widely used in hospitals, schools, nurseries, cinemas, buses, offices, families, etc. It can purify the air and eliminate the musty smell. The air in rooms disinfected by ultraviolet is particularly fresh. In public places, ultraviolet disinfection can prevent some germs from spreading through the air or through the surface of objects.

02 Function principle of ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization

Ultraviolet lamp, also known as ultraviolet disinfection lamp, uses ultraviolet light emitted by mercury lamp to achieve sterilization and disinfection function. Ultraviolet disinfection technology has incomparable sterilization efficiency with other technologies, and the sterilization efficiency can reach 99%~99.99%. The scientific principle of ultraviolet disinfection: it mainly acts on the DNA of microorganisms, destroys the DNA structure, and makes them lose the function of reproduction and self replication to achieve the purpose of sterilization and disinfection.

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