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June 1 children's Day: May your innocence be forever, naivete forever.

June 1 children's Day: May your innocence be forever, naivete forever.


Years always young, we slowly old, you will find that childlike innocence, is a proud thing—— Hayao Miyazaki

Today is children's day

Belongs to every growing baby

Also belong to you and me

May you still smile like a child when you are happy

Once we looked forward to growing up in childhood

So quietly away from us

Now we have become adults

I often want to go back to my childhood

So, more and more adults

Start celebrating children's Day

Find your childhood in a variety of ways

Maybe that's the meaning of children's day

It reminds us:

No matter how old we are

We all used to be children

We can all have our own childlike innocence

A child never grows old

Keep childlike innocence

Innocence is pure and natural

It's innocence, kindness and love

Is to cross the sea and see the future through clouds

Still retain the original intention

Huahui education lighting wishes all friends

In the noisy and impetuous world

Please protect the children in your heart

Keep a pure and transparent childlike innocence

Even if the laurel body, still as pure as a child

A pure heart

Always pure and kind, tears in my eyes

It is worth mentioning: Huahui education lighting moment

Keep in mind the mission of "giving children a bright future"

Strive to create high quality lighting environment in classroom

Protect the eyesight of millions of children

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