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Learning is always on the road | how to play enterprise wechat by the fierce tigers of Foshan theater was held in Guangdong Zhiduo

Learning is always on the road | how to play enterprise wechat by the fierce tigers of Foshan theater was held in Guangdong Zhiduo


Time flies. Most of the time of the seventh cattle business competition has passed. Yesterday (August 11), the learning and sharing meeting of the tigers on how to play enterprise wechat was successfully held in the exhibition hall on the third floor of Guangdong Zhiduo Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (also known as "Huahui education lighting").

Ms. Dai Jiaohua, general manager of Huahui education lighting, adhering to the spirit of "loving learning, sharing, dedication and common growth", took the team members to participate together. Tang huameishi, sales manager of Huahui education lighting, as the host of this learning sharing meeting, the whole meeting kicked off with the praise of "singing the motherland".

At this sharing meeting, all members of the tigers thanked Mr. Jiang Gongcheng for bringing us vivid and wonderful lectures. I believe that the entrepreneurs and boys of the tigers have also gained a lot in their study and are familiar with the use specifications and precautions of enterprise wechat.

There is an idiom "learning for practical use". We should constantly integrate the learned knowledge with practice, and let ourselves continuously improve through practical combat on the basis of learning! It is hoped that the entrepreneurs and partners of the tigers will immediately apply the knowledge learned in the training "enterprise wechat" to their work. Action is the best way to witness the effect.

At the end of the sharing meeting, Mr. Bao Kun, President of Foshan theater, and Ms. Liu Aiping, President of the tigers, delivered speeches respectively. I hope our tigers will make persistent efforts in the coming days of the hegemony competition. I wish every enterprise of the tigers can compete in this hegemony competition! Surpass yourself! Burst orders! Performance Changhong!

It is understood that enterprise wechat is an enterprise communication and office tool created by Tencent wechat team. It has the same communication experience with wechat, rich OA applications and the ability to connect wechat ecology, which can help enterprises connect internally, ecological partners and consumers. Professional collaboration, security management, people as a service.

Enterprise wechat has gradually changed from a work communication tool used within the enterprise to a tool for ordinary customer service. To some extent, it is replacing some functions of personal wechat. For example, community operation, customer operation and fission Marketing... A large number of enterprises also choose to transfer customers to enterprise wechat to continue service and maintenance.

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