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May 4th Youth Day youth is like fire, just when sailing

May 4th Youth Day youth is like fire, just when sailing


What is youth?

Youth is a dream and talent

It is full of vitality and stars

Youth is more independent thinking

Free spirit

Stirring life in exploration and doubt

What is youth?

Chen Duxiu said

"Youth is like early spring, like the sun, like the sprouting of flowers

If a sharp blade is newly developed, the most precious period of life will also be

Liang Qichao said

"Young people are the hope of the times

The conference on the rise of the motherland is accompanied by countless young people

And those youthful hopes and dreams "

"Contemporary Chinese youth

It is a generation that walks in the same direction and advances together with the new era

Born in a golden age, shoulder heavy responsibilities "


Is "just a young student, in full bloom;

The scholar is full of spirit and flaunts "Fang Qiu"

Vigorous and enterprising

Years are quieter and better because of the passing of youth

The world is more beautiful because young people stand up and move forward

A hundred years ago

Chen Duxiu, Hu Shi, Li Dazhao, Lu Xun and other scholars

Centered on "New Youth"

Set off a wave of ideological revolution

The new youths write straight for Mr. de and Mr. Sai

Shouting in the streets of Beijing, "fight to the death and return Qingdao to me"

A hundred years later

The contemporary "New Youth" are innovating and advancing in diverse fields

Actively take responsibility before all kinds of adversity and gather sand to form a tower

They are slightly childish but the bravest Chinese protectors

Since modern times

There are thousands of fearless young people

Lu Xun, 26, abandoned medicine to Literature and saved the country with pen

Zhou Enlai, 21, set up the "consciousness society"

Fulfilling the clank oath of "studying for the rise of China"

20-year-old Mao Zedong and a group of young people are on a red boat in Nanhu

Completed the historical mission of building the party

In the history of modern China

Young people always play an important role

Countless young people with lofty ideals

With youth and blood, we have created a happy and beautiful new China

In a new era full of pride

Whether it's a rocket launch site in the vast desert,

Or on a ship in the dark blue ocean

Whether in the process of "made in China" going to the world

Or in the front line of poverty alleviation

The youth figure of struggle is also active everywhere.

Looking back on the past three years, the epidemic has spread

Under the call of "epidemic situation is order, prevention and control is responsibility"

Thousands of young medical staff volunteered to go retrograde in the wind and snow

At the Tokyo Olympics

Many post Olympic athletes

Undertake the national honor mission

In the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

Chinese young people with the heroic spirit of "tiger vitality"

The vitality of the dragon and the Chinese spirit of "swallowing thousands of miles like a tiger"

Win glory for the country and protect the glory of the motherland

The times have entrusted youth with important tasks

The glory of the times belongs to the youth

Young people should be brave and responsible

Youth should be the vanguard of struggle

Young people should have fire in their hearts

Release the powerful power of youth

Young people should have bright eyes

Shining with majestic youth brilliance

Today, May 4th Youth Day

Huahui education lighting

(brand "Huahui lighting") all colleagues

Young people: youth is like fire, just at the time of sailing

New age youth

We should be down-to-earth and forge ahead

Devote your youth to

In the struggle to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation

Seize the day and live up to your youth on a new starting point and journey

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