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Party Day | Wishing the Party's 102nd birthday and the great motherland

Party Day | Wishing the Party's 102nd birthday and the great motherland


The founding day of the CPC. The CPC was founded on July 23, 1921. After the establishment of the CPC in 1921, it established the correct path of the New Democracy revolution, and let the Chinese people in deep disaster see new hope and new dependence.

Origin of the name "CPC"

In August 1920, Chen Duxiu launched the first early organization of the CPC in Shanghai. On September 1, 1920, Chen Duxiu once referred to "our party" as "the socialist party" in his article "My Views on the Situation" published in "New Youth", which was later renamed "the Communist Party".

Cai Hesen was the first person to put forward the name "CPC". On August 13 and September 16, 1920, while studying hard in France, he discussed the issue of the Communist Party in detail in two letters he wrote to Mao Zedong, proposing: "We must first organize the Party Communist Party, because it is the initiator, propagandist, vanguard, and combat department of the revolutionary movement." On the basis of inspecting the Communist Party of Western Europe, especially the Communist Party of Russia, he proposed specific steps for party building, These include "the formal establishment of a CPC in a blatant manner".

Around this time, Chen Duxiu in Shanghai, Li Dazhao and Zhang Shenfu in Beijing also discussed the name of the party through letters, and decided to adopt "the Communist Party" as the name of the Chinese proletarian party.

The significance of the Party Building Day: promoting the glorious history of the Party

Remember the history of the Party: To know the great way, one must first know the history. A country cannot live without history, and society cannot live without memory. The loss of historical memory is not only a loss of the past, but also a collapse of the future. Countless martyrs are witnesses to the history of a nation and a country; Martyrs' public sacrifices are a solemn and sacred political ceremony, and an effective form of awakening historical memories.

Inheriting the Party's grace: From the revolutionary period to the ruling period, in just a few decades, the CPC led the Chinese people to work hard to build a new China and achieve economic take-off and national prosperity. In the 21st century, the Chinese Dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation has never been so close to us as it is today. We hold solemn themed activities such as learning from martyrs, admiring sages, and recalling ancestors. Express gratitude and respect for the martyrs who fought for national independence and national liberation. The July 1st Party Building Day is not only the birthday of the Party, but also a festival for inheriting the Party's grace.

The great spirit of party building

01 Adhere to truth and ideals

02 Fulfill the original intention and take on the mission

03 fearless of sacrifice and brave struggle

04 Loyalty to the Party and not betraying the people

The glorious journey, witnessed by the sun and moon,

The CPC has entered its 102nd spring and autumn.

All employees of Huahui Education Lighting

Respecting the Party spirit with the original intention,

Respect your ideals with vows, and respect time with hard work.

Wishing the great party a happy birthday!

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