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Protect your eyes and light up your dreams | Huahui AIoT intelligent education lighting solution to realize

Protect your eyes and light up your dreams | Huahui AIoT intelligent education lighting solution to realize


With the development of society, intelligent products become more and more popular, such as our most familiar smart home (smart TV, smart refrigerator, smart curtain, smart door lock, etc.). In school, it is the hope of all teachers and students and the pride of a school to have a smart campus lighting system. Huahui Education Lighting has been deeply involved in the field of education lighting for 28 years. In order to build a smart campus, it has developed and designed the AIoT intelligent education lighting overall solution. This solution can easily switch the lighting mode that meets the teaching needs by using the intelligent full-touch screen scene switch, remote control or mobile phone APP to realize the constant illumination of the whole classroom Intelligent requirements such as one-button scene control, curtain linkage, ultraviolet sterilization, etc!

The overall solution of Huahui AIoT intelligent education lighting is to use the Internet of Things technology to intelligently manage the school lighting, electrical, campus security and other equipment, which can uniformly and intelligently control and manage the lighting of the whole school. Through the intelligent lighting system management platform, the original human management and electric control management mode is upgraded to the intelligent management mode, which can significantly improve the management efficiency and create a healthy, intelligent and energy-saving new generation of campus lighting environment!

Huahui AIoT intelligent education lighting overall solution intelligent control mode includes: one-button class mode, one-button projection mode, one-button self-study mode, one-button activity mode, and overcast light fill mode. It can view the classroom equipment remotely on the mobile terminal APP or computer, and adjust the lighting brightness according to the actual situation, which is applicable to the kindergarten, primary school, art room and other high-demand classrooms. In the class mode, the sensor can adjust the light independently to achieve constant classroom desktop lighting, make full use of natural light, and achieve energy saving; In the projection mode, the linkage of lighting, projector and electric curtain is triggered by one key to improve the teaching efficiency.

The overall solution of Huahui AIoT intelligent education lighting can easily achieve secondary energy saving: based on the actual energy saving of campus lighting, the intelligent management mode can independently detect the activities of classroom personnel, automatically turn off the equipment when no one is available, prevent power waste, reduce energy consumption again, and effectively save energy. The overall solution of AIoT intelligent education lighting can also ensure the safety of the campus environment: on the basis of realizing the healthy classroom light environment of the whole campus, it can also monitor the operation status of electrical, security and other equipment in real time through the platform and react quickly.

Huahui Lighting is the overall solution provider of AIoT intelligent education lighting. This solution can improve the initiative of learning, let students grow in a comfortable classroom light environment, and help the school enrollment rate!



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