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Shandong: Jining Education Bureau, in conjunction with the Union City Health Commission, carried out the inspection of classroom lighting conditions

Shandong: Jining Education Bureau, in conjunction with the Union City Health Commission, carried out the inspection of classroom lighting conditions


In order to implement the relevant national and provincial requirements for the prevention and control of myopia among adolescents, from April 15th to 16th, a joint inspection team was formed by the Education Bureau and the Municipal Health Commission of Jining City, Shandong Province. Selected schools in some counties and cities to carry out spot checks on the lighting conditions of school classrooms.

The municipal joint inspection team has successively conducted spot checks on some schools in Rencheng District, Taibaihu District, and Jinxiang County. During the inspection, we learned about the development and implementation of lighting improvement and renovation plans in the county and urban areas by listening to school reports, inquiring with relevant personnel, and consulting the annual renovation and renovation plan. At school, confirm the installation specifications of lighting fixtures by reviewing product qualification certificates, third-party light environment testing reports, on-site measurements, and other methods; Using professional equipment to measure, the average illumination, uniformity of illumination, color rendering index, color temperature and other indicators of the class desktop and blackboard were checked for compliance. At the same time, schools are required to continuously monitor the classroom lighting environment, pay attention to changes in the lighting environment, and provide children with a healthy, comfortable, and high-quality classroom lighting environment. Check that all indicators of the classrooms that have undergone lighting renovation in the school meet the requirements of the national classroom lighting standards. Classrooms that use ordinary fluorescent tubes have varying degrees of lighting conditions such as high color temperature, low color rendering index, and insufficient illumination. Classrooms in substandard schools have all been included in this year's lighting improvement plan, and the renovation and improvement will be completed soon during the summer vacation.

The Municipal Education Bureau launched the implementation of the primary and secondary school classroom lighting improvement project in 2021, with a plan to achieve 100% compliance with national standards for classroom lighting within three years. In 2021 and 2022, a total of 16344 classrooms were renovated and upgraded in the city, improving classroom lighting conditions for over 800000 students. In 2023, the city plans to continue renovating and improving the lighting conditions of 8294 classrooms. After the completion of this year's renovation task, all primary and secondary school classrooms in our city will meet the national standards for classroom lighting.

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