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The lighting environment of classroom is very important for teenagers to fight against myopia

The lighting environment of classroom is very important for teenagers to fight against myopia


The progress of human civilization largely depends on the pursuit and utilization of light. Whether it's the ancient Yingying candle or the present Wanjiadenghuo. All kinds of artificial light sources improve people's work efficiency, but also bring a lot of visual health problems. Unsuitable lighting environment will cause visual fatigue, myopia and other health problems.

It is reported that there are 600 million myopia patients in China, and the myopia rate ranks first in the world. The Ministry of education and other departments have formulated the implementation plan for comprehensive prevention and control of myopia among children and adolescents, which specifies the prevention and control measures that should be taken by families, schools, medical and health institutions, students and relevant government departments.

For the school, the classroom is the main activity place of students in school, classroom lighting good or bad directly affects the students' learning efficiency and eyesight health. However, the quality of classroom lighting environment in most primary and secondary schools in our country can not meet the requirements of national standards. There are many problems, such as insufficient brightness, uneven illumination, aging lighting equipment, unreasonable installation and so on, which seriously endanger students' eyesight health and eye safety.

The illuminance of natural light is much stronger than that of indoor light, and the light is uniform and dynamic. For children at the learning stage, a good indoor light source should meet the following standards in terms of illumination, chroma, color temperature and stroboscopic

1、 Illumination. The national standard requires that the average (constant) illumination of classroom desks should be greater than 300lx, and the uniformity of illumination should be 0.7; The blackboard maintains an average (constant) illumination of 500lx and an illumination uniformity of 0.8.

2、 Color rendering index. The national standard requires that the color rendering index of the light source should not be less than 80. Insufficient display index will lead to color distortion, especially in art, chemicals, manuals and other professional classrooms, which will affect the correct identification of object color.

3、 Color temperature. The color temperature is too high, the light is white, the color temperature is too low, the light is yellow. According to the national standard, the classroom should use 3300k-5500k color temperature light to restore the primary color of the object.

4、 Strobe. Generally, stroboscopic flash is difficult to detect when it is over 100Hz. However, the national stroboscopic requirement for qualified light source products is 3125hz, higher than this value is considered as no stroboscopic.

However, the quality of products on the market is uneven, so we should polish our eyes when we choose classroom lighting. It is recommended that all primary and secondary schools and institutions (including public school classroom lighting, private school classroom lighting, private school classroom lighting, experimental school classroom lighting, educational institutions, etc.) choose "Huahui lighting"!

As a school lighting health promoter, Huahui lighting is one of the first batch of high-quality classroom lighting units in South China. It is also one of the "top ten education lighting brands" in China's lighting industry in 2020. It strictly controls the color temperature, glare, blue light, illumination and other problems in education lighting, so as to avoid harmful lighting to students' eyesight health!

Huahui lighting has designed led eye protection classroom lamp and led eye protection blackboard lamp, which are specially used for classroom lighting. They meet the national standard. The average (constant) illumination of desks is greater than 300lx, and the illumination uniformity is 0.7; The blackboard maintains an average (constant) illumination of 500lx, and the uniformity of illumination is 0.8; The color rendering index is more than 90 and the color reduction is high; Grid anti glare design, glare value is less than 16, no glare; Color temperature is 5000K, comfortable and soft; The illumination of the whole classroom is uniform, without stroboscopic and blue light hazards.

Huahui led eye protection classroom lamp and led eye protection blackboard lamp can be used together with Huahui lighting aiot intelligent education lighting overall solution. Through self-developed intelligent lighting products, equipped with self-developed intelligent box (such as intelligent power distribution box or intelligent air switch), intelligent full touch screen scene switch, remote control or mobile app can be used to easily switch the lighting mode that meets the needs of teaching, Realize the constant illumination of the whole classroom, one button scene control, curtain linkage, UV sterilization and other intelligent needs!

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