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The myopia rate of students ranks first in the world! What kind of classroom lighting do we need?

The myopia rate of students ranks first in the world! What kind of classroom lighting do we need?


Since the invention of electricity, lighting has become an important part of people's lives. It prolongs people's physiological clock, accelerates the development process of human civilization, and reflects the increasingly important existence value of lighting in both current and future societies.

The term 'educational lighting' can be simply explained as' classroom lighting ', which literally means lighting in the classroom. The most basic tasks in classroom lighting are:

1. Meet students' requirements for reading, writing, painting, etc., and ensure the horizontal and vertical illumination requirements of visual objectives;

2. Meet the requirements of face-to-face communication between students;

3. Guide students to focus their attention on the teaching or demonstration area;

4. Lighting control adapts to different demonstration and teaching scenarios;

5. Meet color rendering, control glare and protect vision.

In addition, classroom lighting should also be safe, reliable, convenient for maintenance and repair, and coordinated with the environment. According to statistical data, the incidence of myopia among Chinese students ranks first in the world.

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The reason for this is not only the heavily criticized academic burden leading to eye fatigue, but also the poor lighting conditions in the classroom. Due to the fact that most of our existing classrooms in China were established over a decade ago, the number of lighting fixtures and furnishings in the classrooms are mostly designed according to old standards.

With the development of society and the continuous progress of various science and technology, people's understanding of vision is also deepening. Correspondingly, higher requirements have been put forward for lighting design and intensity. The latest standards have revised the lighting standards for teacher desks and blackboards, and added regulations for unified glare values, lighting power density, and maintenance coefficients for light sources and classrooms.

In order to provide a good lighting environment, all parameters should meet the national lighting requirements, with an average illumination of no less than 300Lx on the desktop and 500Lx on the blackboard. Only in this way can students be provided with the most professional lighting environment.

Huahui Lighting has addressed the problems in the field of educational lighting by taking targeted measures and effectively addressing the shortcomings in the field. By using Huahui's educational lighting fixtures, the following three transformations can be achieved:

1. Students

The lighting colors are more realistic, not dazzling, and brighter than before. The eyes are very comfortable, with low fatigue, and there is no aversion to learning due to eye fatigue. It can also reduce the myopia rate of students.

2. Teacher

The brightness of the blackboard is more uniform, and the teacher's eyes are more comfortable when using it. The audio style classroom lights greatly liberate the pressure on teachers' voices, and even students in the back row can clearly hear the teacher's voice.

3. School

Saving electricity and maintenance costs, improving learning motivation, and contributing to the school's enrollment rate

Huahui Lighting stated that its classroom lighting fixtures have advantages such as all metal heat dissipation, light weight, high digital display, low-frequency flashing, and blue light level reaching RG0. They also have the most critical UGR<16 anti glare design, providing their own strength for classroom lighting from all angles and angles!

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