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To the warmest day of May | Mother's Day

To the warmest day of May | Mother's Day


Tomorrow is Mother's Day

What comes to mind when it comes to mother?

Some people say it's a meal from memory,

Someone said it was a sentence before leaving,

Some people also say it's a gentle smile,

Thinking of mothers, everyone has their own special impression in their hearts. Tomorrow Mother's Day, let's say Happy Mother's Day to the most beautiful mother in the world together!

Mother's Day is a holiday to thank mothers. Modern Mother's Day originated in the United States and is the second Sunday of May each year. Mothers usually receive gifts on this day, and carnations are seen as flowers dedicated to their mothers. In China, the mother's flower is the day lily, also known as the forget worry grass.

Mother's Day only entered the mainland after it became popular in the Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan regions of China. Precious jewelry, carnations symbolizing maternal love, specially made love desserts, and exquisite handmade greeting cards have become gifts for people to pay tribute to their mothers.

This mother doesn't like to eat, you eat it "- When she was a child, she would always say this sentence when she saw her favorite food. It wasn't until she grew up to celebrate her birthday that she realized that her mother didn't dislike eating, but rather wanted you to eat happily. Your happy growth was her greatest wish!

You can work with peace of mind, and everything is fine at home! "- We are always afraid that our mother will worry, and we always report good news and not bad news outside. In fact, our mother is not? Children are always the top priority in the mother's heart, and every word of advice and home cooked meal is full of the mother's concern for her children. There is a kind of love in the world that is never equal, that is the ordinary and great maternal love.

Who speaks the heart of an inch of grass, and brings back the light of spring.

On the journey of life, mother will always be our strongest gas station and the warmest harbor in our hearts.

Huahui Lighting wishes every mother a beautiful smile and happiness during this holiday season!

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