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Today, the dragon looks up | February 2 shaves the head, and has the spirit all year!!!

Today, the dragon looks up | February 2 shaves the head, and has the spirit all year!!!


The Dragon Rise (the second day of the second lunar month), also known as the Spring Farming Festival, the Agricultural Festival, the Green Dragon Festival, the Spring Dragon Festival, is a traditional Chinese folk festival.

"Dragon" refers to the seven constellations of the eastern blue dragon in the Twenty-eighth Constellation. At the beginning of the mid-spring moon (due east), the "Dragon Horn Star" rises from the eastern horizon, so it is called "Dragon Head Up".

The "Twenty-eight Nights" are divided into four groups according to the four directions of the east, west, north and south, resulting in the "four elephants": the eastern dragon, the western white tiger, the southern rosefinch, and the northern basalt. The Seven Constellations in the East form a complete dragon-shaped star, which is called "Oriental Canglong".

In winter, the black dragon disappeared under the northern horizon for seven nights. In the middle of spring, Jiaoxiu appeared on the eastern horizon. At this time, the whole body of the black dragon was still hidden below the horizon. It was just the first appearance of Jiaoxiu, so it was called "Dragon Head Up".

He looks up in midsummer, flies into the sky in midsummer, and dives into the abyss in midsummer. It all refers to the subtle changes of the black dragon in the sky. It is not really that there is an animal dragon changing.

In the farming culture, the "dragon rising" indicates that the sun is rising, the rain is increasing, and everything is full of vitality. Since ancient times, people have also regarded the Dragon Rising Day as a day to pray for good weather, dispel evil and eliminate disasters, and accept good luck.

Our Chinese Year, its theme is reunion, the theme of reunion is family reunion, family reunion. However, according to the traditional folk custom, a lesbian who has married in the first month should not live with her mother's house, and she cannot let her husband keep an empty room. In this way, the theme of reunion is not shown, that is, there is no family reunion, and there is no family reunion. In order to make up for this and make the Chinese New Year more perfect, we have stipulated that this custom is to complete the Chinese New Year after the New Year's letter is sent on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month, after the 23rd lunar year and the whole New Year's Day, until the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, and until the second day of February.

According to such a custom, only after the first month on the second day of February, the married girl returned to her mother's home to be treated, so the folk saying goes well - "pick up the baby on the second day of February, and you can't cry". At this time, the mother's family took her girl home like a baby to eat delicious food and drink spicy food, and the bones and flesh were reunited, the family was reunited, and the theme of the Spring Festival was complete. The year was comfortable, complete, and harmonious.

On February 2 of the lunar calendar, there are also many folk customs. Today, it is appropriate to shave the head, also known as "shave the head", which refers to the second day of February, when children's hair is cut, it is called "shave the head". By taking advantage of the auspicious time when the dragon looks up, we can protect the children's healthy growth and become famous when they grow up; Adults cut their hair and welcome the new year in the hope of bringing good luck.

The dragon looks up, which is a good sign. It means saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new. Today, you can also go out for a outing with three or five friends. Everyone will have good luck in the coming year!

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