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What are the adverse effects of classroom light environment not up to standard? Huahui education lighting tells you

What are the adverse effects of classroom light environment not up to standard? Huahui education lighting tells you


The incidence of myopia among Chinese students ranks first in the world. In addition to the heavy burden of schoolwork, the lighting environment of the classroom is also an important factor. Our primary and secondary school students spend about 60% of their time in the classroom every day. Some studies show that the substandard classroom lighting environment is one of the main reasons for the decline of students' eyesight.

Classroom lighting environment is not up to standard, with the experience of what impact on the eyes?

1. The illuminance and illuminance uniformity of the desk are generally lower than the national standard (national standard: the illuminance of the desk should be greater than 300 lux, and the illuminance uniformity should be greater than 0.7). If students are in low illumination for a long time, and the illumination received by different desks in the same classroom is uneven, some students have difficulty in reading, reading and writing, which is easy to cause visual fatigue.

2. There is no special blackboard lamp, or even no blackboard lighting, resulting in the average illumination of the blackboard is far below the national standard (national standard: blackboard illumination ≥ 500 lux, uniformity greater than 0.8), some students can not see the words on the blackboard, easy to cause visual fatigue and myopia.

3. Most of the classrooms are directly installed with exposed fluorescent tubes, which can direct the students' eyes and produce glare, distract students' attention, reduce learning efficiency, cause visual fatigue and induce myopia. And fluorescent lamps are generally equipped with inductive ballasts, which has serious light stroboscopic effect. In order to adapt to the change of frequency, the students' visual system will adjust itself frequently, causing visual fatigue.

4. The color rendering index is too low. The color rendering index of fluorescent lamps used in most classrooms is about 70 (national standard: the color rendering index of light source should not be less than 80), resulting in color distortion. Especially in the art, chemistry, manual and other professional classrooms, it affects Yanqing's correct discrimination of object color, so that the object can not truly present its color, As time goes by, it will cause vision problems such as color blindness and color weakness.

5. Most classrooms generally use high color temperature (6500k) fluorescent tubes (national standard: 3300-5500k color temperature light source should be used in classrooms), which is harmful to blue light. Blue light will cause irreversible damage to retina, and vision is greatly threatened. Due to the high color temperature light color is too white, easy to cause students excited, easy to fatigue.

At present, in the field of classroom lighting, Huahui lighting is committed to building smart classroom lamps and making contributions to the protection of students' eyesight! All primary and secondary schools and institutions (including: public school classroom lighting, private school classroom lighting, private school classroom lighting, experimental school classroom lighting, educational institutions, etc.) are recommended to choose "Huahui lighting" to effectively prevent myopia!

As a school lighting health promoter, Huahui lighting is one of the first batch of high-quality classroom lighting units in South China. It is also one of the "top ten education lighting brands" in China's lighting industry in 2020. It strictly controls the color temperature, glare, blue light, illumination and other problems in education lighting, so as to avoid harmful lighting to students' eyesight health!

Huahui lighting has designed led eye protection classroom lamp and led eye protection blackboard lamp, which are specially used for classroom lighting. They meet the national standard. The average (constant) illumination of desks is greater than 300lx, and the illumination uniformity is 0.7; The blackboard maintains an average (constant) illumination of 500lx, and the uniformity of illumination is 0.8; The color rendering index is more than 90 and the color reduction is high; Grid anti glare design, glare value is less than 16, no glare; Color temperature is 5000K, comfortable and soft; The illumination of the whole classroom is uniform, without stroboscopic and blue light hazards.

Huahui led eye protection classroom lamp and led eye protection blackboard lamp can be used together with Huahui lighting aiot intelligent education lighting overall solution. Through self-developed intelligent lighting products, equipped with self-developed intelligent box (such as intelligent power distribution box or intelligent air switch), intelligent full touch screen scene switch, remote control or mobile app can be used to easily switch the lighting mode that meets the needs of teaching, Realize the constant illumination of the whole classroom, one button scene control, curtain linkage, UV sterilization and other intelligent needs!

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