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What is most important for educational lighting? LED classroom light quality is key!!

What is most important for educational lighting? LED classroom light quality is key!!


In recent years, I have been seeing new words in the news about LEDs, 5G technology, smart campuses, smart classrooms, the Internet of Everything, and so on that people may sound high-tech.

This reminds the editor of the campus time in primary and secondary school, each generation has the environment and characteristics of each generation, like the editor born after the ninth five-year plan feels that the classroom of our era is very traditional, always clean blackboard, colorful chalk, cool like steel pipe traditional classroom lamps... In all these memories, the deepest impression of Xiaobian is that the education and teaching at that time was not as intelligent as it is now, and there was often a situation where the last person to leave the classroom forgot to turn off the lights, who would have thought that today, ten years later, the lights in the classroom can be turned on and off at any time just through the mobile phone?

For a long time, primary and secondary school classroom lighting has generally appeared in the illumination and uniformity is too low, but video flash, high color temperature, low color rendering index and other problems, children in this lighting environment for a long time to learn, will cause dry eyes uncomfortable, increase visual fatigue, and even induce color blindness, color weakness will occur, will cause irreversible damage to students' eyes.

Every child is the expectation of parents, but also the future of the motherland, and it is urgent to protect the health of students' vision and improve classroom lighting. So in the process of choosing LED classroom lights, what is the most important? Xiaobian believes that compared with factors such as price, appearance, and service, the quality of classroom lamps is the key factor to achieve educational lighting.

The first thing we realize is that teachers and students are the users of smart educational lighting, and the buyers are the government, in recent years, with the maturity of LED classroom lamp technology and the continuous decline in the price of classroom lights, the competition in the educational lighting market has become more and more fierce. The continuous emergence of low-quality and inferior products on the market directly harms the user, and the end user of the corresponding educational lighting products is the child, itself educational lighting is to help children prevent myopia, protect children's vision health, give children a pair of bright eyes, but because of "low-price competition" brings irreparable damage and losses.

Secondly, in the process of choosing LED classroom lights, the brand is the credibility of the enterprise, and it is also the basic guarantee of educational lighting companies for products, and it will also reduce a lot of worries for buyers and users. Since its establishment in 1995, Hua Hui Lighting has been aiming to protect the visual health of primary and secondary school students, constantly updating and iterating the most suitable classroom lamps for children, and providing AloT intelligent education lighting overall solutions for 5000+ primary and secondary schools across the country. At present, Hua Hui Lighting has led the industry in educational eye protection lighting, sterilization and disinfection lamps, intelligent control and other sectors, so that children's eyes shine with wisdom and bright light, which is the firm belief of every Hua Hui employee to do the educational lighting industry.

Finally, what kind of LED lamps can not only realize the transformation of smart classrooms, but also achieve eye protection for children? Having a national classroom high-quality lighting light environment certificate is the basis of Hua Hui education lighting, only through the national coefficient indicators: such as photobiology, full spectrum, IP40, induction density, harmful substances, noise IK06 and other energy-saving eye protection parameter indicators is the fundamental guarantee for classroom lamps and other products.

Educational lighting, choose Hua Hua Hua - you give us a trust, Hua Hua also gives children a quality and health!!

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