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What is the ideal classroom lighting renovation for primary and secondary schools?

What is the ideal classroom lighting renovation for primary and secondary schools?


The Ministry of Education recently issued the "2023 National Key Work Plan for Comprehensive Prevention and Control of Myopia in Children and Adolescents" (hereinafter referred to as the "Work Plan"), systematically planning and solidly promoting the prevention and control of myopia in children and adolescents in the new era. The Work Plan also states that the prevention and control of myopia among children and adolescents, the overall myopia rate, and physical health status should be included in government performance evaluations. Local governments at all levels are strictly prohibited from unilaterally assessing education administrative departments and schools based on student exam results and school enrollment rates. Local governments and schools that have seen their physical health levels decline for three consecutive years will be held accountable in accordance with the law and regulations. Visual health should be included in quality education, and the physical and mental health of children and adolescents, as well as their academic burden, should be included in the national compulsory education quality monitoring and evaluation system.

Research has shown a close relationship between classroom lighting and myopia prevention and control. Excessive or insufficient light can have adverse effects on students' vision and increase the risk of myopia. If the lighting in the classroom is too weak, students need to use more eyesight to read the text on the blackboard and books, which can easily lead to eye fatigue, decreased vision, and even myopia over time; However, excessive lighting can cause strong light reflection and glare, which can also harm students' vision. Therefore, moderate and balanced lighting is very important.

So what kind of classroom lighting is the most ideal for primary and secondary schools? Firstly, the ideal classroom lighting environment is expected to meet the following requirements:

1. Adequate illumination and brighter classrooms; Huahui Education Lighting adopts high-quality LED light sources, with illumination and uniformity higher than the national standard requirements.

2. No glare or eye damage; Huahui Education Lighting adopts a grille anti glare design, with a glare value less than 16, which is superior to the national standard requirement of less than 19.

3. No flickering light, comfortable to use with eyes; Stroboscopic light is harmless and relieves visual fatigue.

4. More realistic colors and clearer vision; High color rendering, ultra high color reproduction ability, extremely close to natural light, more continuous spectrum, softer light, and improved color discrimination ability.

5.5000K color temperature is moderate; Through experiments on human eye comfort, it has been proven that light with a color temperature below 4000K is too soft, making it difficult to concentrate; Light with a color temperature higher than 6500K is too white, prone to excitement and fatigue; The light with a color temperature between 4000K and 5500K is moderate, making it extremely suitable for work and study.

6. No blue light hazards, healthier use of the eyes, effectively reducing blue light hazards through eye protection optical lens design.

7. Green and energy-saving, achieving the goal of energy conservation on the basis of meeting the above eye protection requirements.

8. Environmentally friendly, free from toxic substances such as mercury and lead, recyclable materials, and environmentally friendly.

Huahui Lighting has been deeply involved in the education lighting industry for 28 years and has designed specialized lighting fixtures for classrooms - LED eye protection classroom lights and LED eye protection blackboard lights. The desks meet national standards and maintain an average (constant) illumination of more than 300lx, with an illumination uniformity of 0.7; The blackboard maintains an average (constant) illumination of 500lx and an illumination uniformity of 0.8; If the color rendering index is greater than 90, the color reproduction is high; Adopting grille anti glare design, with a glare value less than 16, not dazzling; Color temperature 5000K, comfortable and soft; The entire classroom has uniform illumination, no flickering, and no harm from blue light.

At the same time, Huahui Lighting focuses on improving the illumination of classroom desks, the height of class desks and lighting fixtures, the uniformity of class desk illumination, blackboard surface illumination, blackboard surface illumination uniformity, anti glare, color temperature, color rendering index, etc. A standard classroom is equipped with 12 eye protection lights, of which 3 are specifically designed for blackboard lighting, and 9 are evenly and vertically distributed above the desks in a "9+3" mode, It is a professional solution proposed by Huahui Lighting for the problems in classroom lighting. The meaning is that a standard classroom is equipped with 9 classroom lights and 3 blackboard lights, which can meet the national requirements for classroom lighting quality.

Huahui Lighting's independently developed intelligent educational lighting products (Huahui LED intelligent classroom light and Huahui LED intelligent blackboard light) not only meet the national parameter standards for different classroom lighting, but also can be combined with Huahui AIoT intelligent educational lighting overall solution. For different school lighting transformations and classroom lighting types, through independently developed intelligent boxes (such as intelligent distribution boxes or intelligent air switches), intelligent full touch screen scene switches are used The remote control or mobile app can easily switch various lighting modes required for teaching, achieving various intelligent requirements such as constant illumination throughout the classroom, one click scene control, curtain linkage, UV sterilization, and more!



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