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Why does the classroom need lighting renovation?

Why does the classroom need lighting renovation?


In recent years, the incidence rate of myopia among adolescents in China is on the rise. According to the latest research report of the World Health Organization, the myopia rate of high school students and college students in China has exceeded 70%, and has increased year by year. The myopia rate of teenagers ranks first in the world, and the myopia rate of primary school students also exceeds 45%.

As an important place for learning and activities, the poor lighting environment will affect the vision of teachers and students. The key issues affecting the health of the classroom light environment mainly focus on four aspects: blue light, stroboscopic light, glare and color temperature rendering. Blue light and stroboscopic light are easy to cause vision damage, and induce many diseases such as cataract, migraine and brain damage. Glare is one of the important causes of visual fatigue. The unreasonable light distribution of lamps and lanterns can easily reduce the visual conditions of object visibility. Color temperature and color rendering is an important indicator to improve visual clarity. Too low color rendering index will cause visual color distortion, affect students' eye recognition of object color, and cause mental fatigue.

Only classroom lighting with healthy light sources can create a healthy learning environment and ensure students' healthy eyesight. In order to solve many problems existing in the classroom lighting environment and create a comfortable and healthy lighting experience, Huahui Lighting, relying on years of technical accumulation in the lighting field, from the perspective of professional health optics, has launched a new series of Huahui classroom lights and Huahui blackboard lights with high color rendering, no blue light hazard, no glare, no stroboscopic, no radiation, long life and good energy-saving effect, to create a healthy and comfortable classroom lighting environment, Improve learning efficiency while protecting eyesight health.

At the same time, in the face of the transformation needs of educational lighting environment, Huahui put forward the "9+3" lighting solution. Taking an ordinary classroom as an example, 9 classroom lights+3 blackboard lights can meet the classroom lighting requirements. The lighting system is renovated. Each classroom is equipped with 12 LED health eye care classroom lights. There are 3 rows of 9 eye care lights in the middle of the classroom, and three professional blackboard lights are installed in front of the blackboard. The light of the eye-protection lamp is close to natural light. Compared with the previous, the illumination and uniformity of the classroom, as well as the stroboscopic and glare values of the classroom have greatly improved. No matter where the students sit in the classroom, they can see and see clearly.

The silver-like light is softly scattered in every corner of the classroom, greatly improving the lighting environment of the classroom, ensuring that students can learn in a high-quality lighting environment, protecting students' eyes, and creating a good learning environment for students.



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