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Congratulations on the successful holding of the kick-off meeting of the 7th bull business competition Foshan theater tigers

Congratulations on the successful holding of the kick-off meeting of the 7th bull business competition Foshan theater tigers


On the afternoon of July 7, 2021, the launch meeting of the seventh cattle business team competition of Foshan theater tigers was held in the conference room of Anfu electric appliance. The leaders and partners of eight enterprises of the tigers gathered together to discuss the "tactics" of the tigers.

Ms. Dai Jiaohua, general manager of Guangdong zhiduoduo Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (brand "Huahui lighting"), led the company's elites to actively participate in the launch meeting of the tigers in the spirit of "love learning, happy sharing, dedication and common growth". It is worth mentioning that Dai is always the vice president of marketing of Foshan theater and the president of Shunde Branch of the national cattle business.

Cattle business competition is not only for honor, but also for the participating enterprises to "make the off-season not light and the peak season more prosperous". Let all the participating enterprises cooperate with each other, develop their strengths and make up for their weaknesses, better serve customers, and let customers get better online and offline experience, so as to "bull" in Internet marketing!

At the launch meeting of the tigers, Mr. Bao Kun, President of Foshan theater, Ms. Dai Jiaohua, President of Foshan theater, and Ms. Liu Aiping, President of the tigers, led the enterprise leaders and soldiers in red to discuss the call and rules of the tigers, as well as the skinning of Anfu electronic company's website.

Niushang competition is "to support war by war, to train soldiers by war, the goal determines the path!" At the end of the kick-off meeting, we took a group photo and chanted the slogan of the tigers!

Guangdong Zhiduo (brand "Huahui lighting") has always adhered to the development concept of "innovation, brand power and sustainability", continuously strengthened cooperation with scientific research institutes, and continuously improved its product independent research and development ability and design ability. In addition to pursuing the improvement of independent R & D capability, we also pay great attention to the overall development of the company's team.

Guangdong zhiduoduo warmly congratulates the 7th bull business competition Foshan theater tigers kick off meeting successfully held! Thanks to niushanghui, Shanren consulting, and all of you for your full support! Next, we will work hand in hand to achieve our goals“ Tiger! Tiger! Live dragon and tiger, take the first place bravely! Tiger! Tiger! Tiger I wish all enterprises in this two-month bull business competition continue to burst single, performance Changhong.

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