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The Lugouqiao Incident in July 7|Remembering the history, we can improve ourselves

The Lugouqiao Incident in July 7|Remembering the history, we can improve ourselves


"Lugou bridge! Lugou bridge!

This is the bridge for the survival of our country! "

in China

There is no bridge like Lugou bridge

Let hundreds of millions of compatriots remember

It was once called by Marco Polo

"The best and unique bridge in the world"

501 stone lions in different shapes

stand as firm as a rock

However, the memory of the bridge

It was completely rewritten 84 years ago

July 7, 1937

On the pretext of missing soldiers during the exercise near Lugou Bridge

Japanese forces forced to enter Wanping county to search

After being severely rejected by the Chinese garrison

The Japanese bombarded Wanping City with force

The July 7th incident shocked China and foreign countries

Today is the 84th anniversary of the July 7th incident

The country is peaceful and the people are safe

But that history is full of smoke

We will remember it and never forget it

Remembering history is not about continuing hatred

We should learn from history and face the future

The suffering Chinese people

I know this happy life is not easy

Defending and loving the motherland

Maintaining and cherishing peace

Never waver

Today, let Huahui education lighting

Let's talk to all of you

To strive for national independence and people's Liberation

For the prosperity of the country and the happiness of the people

And salute the martyrs who died bravely

Remember the history and remember the martyrs

Cherish peace, we are self-improvement

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