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How much influence does classroom lighting have on students? Prevention of myopia from high quality lighting environment

How much influence does classroom lighting have on students? Prevention of myopia from high quality lighting environment


Take care of the children's eyes together and make them have a bright future. ".

Myopia prevention and control has been impatient, and needs the joint action of society, school, family and students themselves. Students spend about 60% of their time in the classroom every day. As the main environment for students to study and read, the classroom should start with the lighting environment of the classroom, and create a healthy lighting environment for the students!

Since September 1, 2020, the industrial standard of technical specification for classroom lighting has been implemented formally, which specifies the requirements of illumination and illumination uniformity, relevant color temperature and color rendering, glare, lighting power density, lighting control requirements, maintenance and operation of lighting devices, and the requirements of classroom field detection methods and supporting lamps.

In june2019, the Ministry of education and the national health and Health Commission signed the responsibility statement for Comprehensively Strengthening the prevention and control of myopia among children and adolescents with 22 provincial people's governments. The total myopia rate of children and adolescents will drop by more than 0.5% every year, and that in provinces with myopia higher than the national average level will drop by more than 1% every year.

The good and bad lighting environment of classroom lighting will directly affect the students' vision health. To prevent students from myopia, we recommend all primary and secondary schools and institutions (including: public school classroom lighting, private school classroom lighting, private school classroom lighting, practical school classroom lighting, education institutions, etc.) to choose "Huahui lighting"!

As a healthy promoter of campus lighting, Huahui lighting is the first unit to meet the standards for the high-quality lighting environment of classroom in South China, and also the "top ten educational lighting brands" in China lighting industry in 2020. It strictly controls the color temperature, glare, blue light and illumination in education lighting, so as to avoid the harm of bad lighting to students' vision health!

Huahui lighting designed the LED eye protection classroom lamp and led eye protection blackboard lamp, which is specially used for classroom lighting. The average (constant) illumination of the desk in accordance with the national standard is more than 300lx and the illumination uniformity is 0.7; The blackboard maintains an average (constant) illuminance of 500lx and the uniformity of illumination is 0.8; The color index is more than 90, and the color reduction is high; The grid anti glare design is adopted, the glare value is less than 16, and it is not dazzling; Color temperature is 5000K, comfortable and soft; The illumination of the whole classroom is uniform, without stroboscopic and no blue light hazard.

With Huahui led eye protection classroom lamp and led eye protection blackboard lamp, it can be combined with the overall solution of Huahui lighting aiot intelligent education lighting. Through the self-developed intelligent lighting products, it can carry the self-developed intelligent box (such as intelligent distribution box or intelligent air opening), and use intelligent full touch screen scene switch, remote controller or mobile app to easily switch the lighting mode that meets the teaching needs, Realize the intelligent demand of constant illumination, one key scene control, curtain linkage, ultraviolet sterilization and so on!

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