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How to improve the intelligence of classroom lighting?

How to improve the intelligence of classroom lighting?


How to determine whether a lighting scene is "healthy"? Relevant research data shows that the evaluation system for classroom lighting environment science mainly includes lighting conditions, classroom building environment, artificial lighting, energy-saving indicators, lighting control systems, and other aspects. In the "Design Specification for Healthy Lighting in Primary and Secondary School Classrooms" issued by the Chinese Lighting Society, it is explicitly stated that the lighting environment of classrooms mainly consists of natural light sources and artificial light sources, and natural light should be given priority in lighting design.

Last March, the mandatory national standard for lighting fixtures in ordinary classrooms was officially implemented. Among them, it is required to use quality certification methods to promote myopia prevention and control work, actively carry out certification work for health lighting products such as classroom lighting and reading and writing desk lamps, ergonomic products for tables and chairs, optometry products, learning supplies, optometry and glasses services, and improve the quality of myopia prevention and control related products and visual health services.

At present, simply focusing on lighting fixtures cannot fundamentally solve the problem of students' eye fatigue. Improving the intelligent management level of classroom lighting has become a trend in the development of classroom lighting. In the "Hygienic Requirements for Lighting Design and Installation of Ordinary Classrooms in Primary and Secondary Schools", it is explicitly encouraged to use dimming systems and adjustable lighting equipment. At the same time, the "Code for Lighting Design of Classrooms in Primary and Secondary Schools and Kindergartens" also proposes to consider the photobiological effect for lighting design, guiding dynamic lighting and situational lighting.

Combining different teaching scenarios, implementing intelligent dimming and differentiated lighting control in classroom lighting equipment has become an inevitable requirement for optimizing classroom lighting conditions. Classroom lighting can sense indoor illumination through sensors. When natural light is strong, the shading device is controlled to reduce indoor natural light illumination. When natural light is insufficient, artificial lighting is turned on to supplement, achieving the goal of protecting students' vision and saving energy and efficient electricity use

As one of the education lighting brands with comprehensive competitive strength in China, Huahui Lighting has been the first to enter the field of smart education lighting for many years, actively embracing changes, closely following policies, industry cutting-edge development trends, and new customer needs, continuously increasing research and development efforts, and investing in the research and development and production of products and systems such as smart classrooms and smart campuses.

Huahui Smart Lighting Classroom mainly consists of a control system consisting of full eye protection classroom lights, full eye protection blackboard lights, and intelligent touch panels, supporting light and shade adjustment in different scenes, thereby providing continuous and stable illumination for educational venues.

At the same time, the system has also added equipment such as speakers, curtains, air conditioning, projectors, temperature detectors, disinfectors, etc. It can also expand the control of more electrical devices in the classroom, making scene mode switching simple and convenient.

Huahui Lighting's smart campus management system utilizes cutting-edge information technology tools such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, mobile internet, and application integration to integrate the scattered and autonomous information systems and resources in the school into an organic whole with high perception, collaboration, and service capabilities, providing strong intelligent support for the school's lighting, campus management, and public services.


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