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Huahui AIoT smart classroom lighting, protecting students' visual health!

Huahui AIoT smart classroom lighting, protecting students' visual health!


In recent years, the myopia rate among children and adolescents has been continuously increasing. As the main place for students to learn, the lighting environment in the classroom directly affects students' vision. At present, education bureaus across the country have successively issued notices on the implementation of lighting renovation projects in primary and secondary school classrooms, to do a good job in the comprehensive prevention and control of myopia among young people, and to safeguard students' visual health.

Huahui AIoT Smart Classroom Lighting Solution connects the lighting gateway to the "cloud" platform, enabling remote switching and situational control on the cloud platform, real-time monitoring of equipment operation status, recording energy consumption usage, and providing intelligent services for creating a safe, healthy, and energy-saving teaching environment.

The lighting in traditional classrooms is severely substandard in terms of illumination and uniformity, and the problem of flickering is severe, accelerating the deterioration of myopia among students. Huahui Education Lighting strictly follows the school classroom lighting hygiene standards, using professional classroom lighting fixtures that are free of flicker, blue light, and glare. At the same time, the lighting fixtures are controlled by illuminance sensors to autonomously adjust their brightness, ensuring constant classroom desktop lighting, and fully utilizing natural light to achieve intelligent dimming and deep eye protection effects.

Huahui AIoT Smart Classroom Lighting Scheme provides six scene modes based on the different lighting needs of different scenes in the classroom, including class, projection, break time, self-study, constant lighting, and after school.

Each classroom can independently configure parameters based on the on-site environment and actual needs. During the teaching process, the teacher can easily switch scenes through the platform application interface or local intelligent panel, making the operation simple and efficient.

The lighting management of traditional classrooms mainly relies on manual "floor sweeping" inspection of the usage of classroom equipment, and there are frequent occurrences of missed and forgotten inspections, which are time-consuming. After the Huahui Smart Classroom device is connected to the cloud platform, users can experience a variety of personalized control methods. Huahui AIoT Smart Classroom Lighting can operate all devices connected to the platform in a single or centralized manner, and supports one click switch by pressing the classroom or school button, making it convenient and fast.

Lighting, as the most basic energy consumption in schools, has the characteristics of a large number of equipment and a wide coverage area. However, many teachers and students find it difficult to "turn off lights when people leave" after space use, resulting in resource waste. The lighting scheme for Huahui AIoT smart classroom is based on IoT sensing technology, which reduces energy consumption and effectively reduces electricity consumption while improving the lighting effect through scenario mode and induction control. At the same time, the platform automatically generates energy consumption usage reports every day, displaying the electricity consumption and month on month data of each classroom, and providing scientific basis for management decision-making.

The efficient operation of equipment is inseparable from the basic service guarantee of equipment operation and maintenance. The Huahui AIoT Smart Classroom Cloud Platform integrates multiple device management capabilities such as visual display of device status, automatic alarm of device abnormalities, and remote upgrade of device programs, truly achieving remote operation and maintenance services anytime and anywhere, and improving the efficiency of after-sales equipment maintenance response.

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