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Huahui Education Lighting - Creating a Healthy Lighting Environment for Classrooms

Huahui Education Lighting - Creating a Healthy Lighting Environment for Classrooms


In recent years, the number of people with myopia in China has been continuously increasing. According to relevant data released by the World Health Organization, over 600 million people in China have myopia, especially among adolescents and children. There are many reasons for myopia, and poor lighting environment in classrooms is one of the main factors affecting myopia in children and adolescents.

A good learning and working environment is a necessary condition for improving work efficiency. Reasonable selection of light sources, lamps, and high-performance lighting control systems can improve lighting quality. The intelligent lighting control system has two control methods: switch and dimming, which can effectively control the average illumination value of various lighting places, thereby improving the uniformity of illumination. At the same time, the system can automatically adjust the illumination according to different time periods and people's different needs.

With the development of technology and education, the lighting in classrooms has become increasingly diverse. Classroom lights, blackboard lights... However, the linkage between lights is poor, and the operation is cumbersome and time-consuming. The Huahui Intelligent Classroom Lighting Scheme supports group functions, intra group synchronization, and other functions, providing users with a more professional and convenient interactive operation experience.

Before the renovation, traditional fluorescent lamps were mostly used for lighting in the original classrooms of the school, with high flicker and severe light decay. The lighting on the class desk was dim, and the illumination and uniformity were significantly not up to standard; The light source is directly exposed, and the classroom lighting is dazzling, which can easily cause visual fatigue and lead to myopia in students; The incomplete spectrum and low color rendering index of fluorescent lamps can lead to color loss and deviation, directly affecting children's color discrimination ability. At the same time, the single lighting control method can easily cause energy waste and increase the cost of school operation and management.

Huahui Lighting has designed intelligent eye protection lights that meet the requirements of national educational lighting standards. While meeting the requirements of healthy lighting, combined with applications such as light sensors and scene panels, it achieves intelligent control and refined operation and maintenance management of lighting, creating a classroom lighting environment that balances energy conservation, comfort, health, and convenience for teachers and students.

Huahui Eye Protection Classroom Light adopts a grille anti glare design to prevent direct light from shining into the eyes, making the light feel more gentle and comfortable; Imitating the full spectrum light source of the sun, the light is close to natural light, better restoring the color of objects; The lighting fixtures have a large luminous area, no flicker or blue light hazards, and the illumination and uniformity of the class desk are excellent. The blackboard light adopts a special installation angle and is hung above the front of the blackboard, making it convenient for students to read the blackboard clearly while better protecting the teacher's visual health, creating a high-quality classroom lighting environment.

Huahui Smart Classroom Lighting Scheme: By installing intelligent lighting scene switches, teachers can quickly switch between various lighting modes such as class, after school, projection, exam, self-study, and lunch break according to actual teaching needs, ensuring that the classroom can have appropriate lighting at different time periods and scenes. The lighting solution for Huahui Smart Classroom not only effectively avoids energy waste and significantly saves electricity, but also facilitates the implementation of refined management by schools and protects the healthy growth of students.

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