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Huahui Smart Classroom Lighting Scheme

Huahui Smart Classroom Lighting Scheme


Huahui Campus Intelligent Classroom Lighting Scheme adopts the most advanced intelligent control system, and the classroom illumination can vary with the environment and classroom mode, creating an intelligent classroom lighting environment.

The Huahui campus lighting solution is based on 9 sets of classroom lights and 3 sets of blackboard lights, creating the simplest and most comfortable classroom lighting environment. There are no excess lighting fixtures that obstruct vision and can meet lighting needs.

In terms of standard classroom lighting, 9 sets of classroom dedicated anti glare lights are evenly distributed, with a color temperature of 5000K and no flicker, ensuring sufficient illumination and uniformity of the class desktop, and reducing direct glare from students facing the blackboard within the field of view.

The blackboard area is the midpoint of students' attention, requiring high illumination and uniformity. Three sets of blackboard lights are arranged parallel to the blackboard, with reasonable lighting layout and uniform illumination, which can effectively limit glare and blackboard light curtain reflection. The combination of lighting system and integrated sensors can achieve intelligent adjustment of classroom lighting, achieving the best energy-saving effect.

Dormitory lighting solutions

In response to the small dormitory space and concentrated activity areas, anti glare and no blue light ceiling panel lights are selected as the basic lighting design. Line lights or eye protection desk lights are used as auxiliary lighting for writing desks, and multi-level lighting is used to provide students with a healthy and comfortable lighting environment.

Library Lighting Solutions

The library is a place where students use their eyes more, and it also adopts a multi-level and regional lighting layout. In the large space of the library, use anti glare linear lights or down lights as the basic lighting; For bookshelves, use linear lights and hard strip lights as auxiliary lighting to facilitate students' reading and retrieval of books; The desk is equipped with eye protection desk lamps as local lighting to achieve full coverage of regional lighting.

Gymnasium Lighting Solutions

The high illumination, anti glare, long lifespan, and convenient installation of ceiling lights ensure the stable and efficient lighting needs of the sports hall. For ordinary school sports venues, ceiling lights with an illuminance greater than 500lx can be used as the preferred product. For campus competitive sports venues with television broadcasting needs, high-power ceiling lights with an illuminance greater than 1000lx and a power of 130lm/W can also meet the requirements.

Campus Road Landscape Lighting Solution

Campus road landscape lighting fixtures have the characteristics of uniform lighting, no dead corners, long lifespan, solar charging, and convenient installation. They not only effectively ensure the safety of students' nighttime travel, but also beautify the school environment, render the regional atmosphere, and achieve energy-saving and environmental protection effects.

Nowadays, the myopia rate among young people in China ranks among the top in the world, and there is a trend of increasing year by year. As a place for students to study and live for a long time, the lighting conditions in schools directly affect their learning efficiency and visual health. Improving campus lighting conditions is urgent. And lighting uses innovative technology and craftsmanship to create a healthy and intelligent lighting environment experience for the campus.

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