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Huahui Education Lighting - myopia prevention and control, starting from health education lighting

Huahui Education Lighting - myopia prevention and control, starting from health education lighting


During the epidemic, it was accompanied by online classes and friends with electronic products during the winter vacation. At present, the myopia rate of high school students and college students in China has exceeded 70% and is on the rise year by year. The myopia rate of primary and secondary school students in China is also close to 40%. On average, primary and secondary school students in China spend nearly 60% of their time in the classroom every day. At the same time, the poor lighting environment in the classroom is one of the important reasons for the decline of students' eyesight, which is irreversible, It is urgent to protect students' eyesight.

It is understood that in the current situation of classroom lighting in primary and secondary schools in China, the compliance rate of various lighting indicators is worrying. At present, the main problems of classroom lighting are:

1. Classroom lighting is not well equipped according to national standards, and the quality of installation and maintenance is not ideal;

2. The distribution of lamps in the classroom is not reasonable, resulting in poor uniformity of illumination on the desktop of the same classroom (the difference of illumination in the south and north classrooms is even greater);

3. The illumination of classrooms in newly built schools is too high. However, after the old school classroom lamp tube was aged, the illumination declined seriously, but it could not be replaced in time;

4. The sunlight in the south-facing classroom directly shines on the students' desks in the daytime, which seriously affects the visual environment of the classroom, and so on.

Huahui Education Lighting has been committed to building school smart classroom lamps for 28 years, contributing to the protection of students' vision, and has designed led eye-care classroom lamps specially for health education lighting - led eye-care classroom lamp and led eye-care blackboard lamp, aiming at various bad classroom lighting conditions. The color temperature, glare, illuminance and other issues of the bright environment have been strictly controlled to provide the school with a healthy and eye-care high-quality education lighting environment, Try to keep students away from the trouble of "small glasses"!

At the same time, with the arrival of the 5G era, the wave of intellectualization has swept across all segments of the lighting industry, and intelligent technology has also been deeply applied in campus scenes. Huahui Education Lighting advocates the concept of lighting energy conservation. Based on the IoT technology, it has successfully developed and applied intelligent products such as intelligent gateway, illuminance sensor, intelligent scene panel, electric curtain, etc. It has realized the detection and management of lighting, energy consumption, security, environment and other aspects of different scenes on campus, and provided an integrated intelligent campus overall solution.  

At present, Huahui Education Lighting has built a rich educational lighting product line, covering a variety of categories, such as blackboard lights, classroom lights, eyeliner protection strip lights, eye protection light panels, etc., and has realized the innovative combination and achievement transformation of advanced technologies such as photocatalyst and lighting fixtures, forming a unique technical DNA in the field of health lighting. Up to now, Huahui Education Lighting has participated in smart campus renovation projects in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jilin, Beijing, Shanghai and other provinces and cities. At present, nearly 5000+school lighting renovation projects have been implemented nationwide, bringing a healthy and safe light environment to many schools.

Whether it is Hunan and Hubei in central China or Guangdong and Guangxi in southern China, more and more primary and secondary schools choose Huahui Education Lighting to provide a more high-quality classroom lighting environment for the new generation of students. This is not only the recognition of Huahui Education Lighting's 28 years of deep work in education lighting industry, but also a trust in Huahui. Because of years of persistence, we have created a profession. Huahui Education Lighting is the common choice of 5000+school lighting in the country! You give Huahui a trust, and Huahui will give children a bright future!

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