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Improve and enhance classroom lighting, Huahui Lighting provides high-quality lighting environment for schools

Improve and enhance classroom lighting, Huahui Lighting provides high-quality lighting environment for schools


If young people are strong, the country will be strong. The healthy growth of young people is of great significance. Providing scientific, safe, and healthy classroom lighting environment for young people is the responsibility of the whole society. So how to create a healthy and comfortable lighting environment for primary and secondary school classrooms?

Indoor lighting, especially in lighting environments that require long-term fixed work or study in a single location, should not overly emphasize parameters such as lamp efficiency and efficiency, but should focus on the safety, health, and comfort of lighting. There is a unified standard for classroom lighting in primary and secondary schools - from the implementation of GB7793 "Hygienic Standards for Daylighting and Lighting in Primary and Secondary School Classrooms" in 2011 to the implementation of GB/T 36876 "Hygienic Requirements for Lighting Design and Installation in Ordinary Classrooms in Primary and Secondary Schools" in 2019, detailed provisions have been made for the illumination of desks and blackboards in ordinary classrooms in primary and secondary schools, as well as the design and installation hygiene requirements, which has a positive significance for protecting the vision of adolescents.

Poor quality lighting fixtures can produce harmful blue light radiation to the human body, which can easily lead to varying degrees of eye diseases such as decreased vision. Many unscrupulous manufacturers also use the banner of healthy lighting to fish in troubled waters and confuse the public. Prohibiting inferior lighting fixtures from entering classrooms at the source is essential to ensure a healthy environment for lighting in primary and secondary school classrooms.

High quality LED classroom eye protection lights should first meet the requirements of CCC national certification to ensure quality and safety; Secondly, in terms of product performance, the entire lamp should reach RG0 blue light hazard and achieve no blue light hazard; The color rendering index Ra should be greater than 80 to ensure high color reproduction; The glare value is less than 19, truly achieving anti glare; The lamp efficiency is greater than 80lm/W, truly achieving high luminous efficiency; The color temperature should be between 3300K and 5500K, with soft light; In addition, the flicker of lighting fixtures should ensure that the fluctuation depth of the light output waveform meets the requirement of "no significant impact", that is, low-frequency flicker or no flicker, effectively protecting vision and preventing myopia!

In addition to the quality requirements for lighting fixtures, there are also corresponding standards for classroom lighting environment. The average illumination value maintained on the classroom desk should not be less than 300lx, and the uniformity of illumination should not be less than 0.7; The blackboard in the classroom should be equipped with local lighting, with an average illumination level of not less than 500lx and an illumination uniformity level of not less than 0.8; The classroom should use a light source with a color temperature of 3300-5500K, and the color rendering index of the light source should not be less than 80; The unified glare value (UGR) of the classroom should not exceed 19; Under the condition of maintaining an average illuminance value of 300lx, the current value of classroom lighting power density should not exceed 11W/m2, and the target value should be 9W/m2; When calculating illuminance in lighting design, the maintenance factor effect is taken as 0.8;

After the renovation of classroom lighting, daily maintenance and monitoring are also very important, timely replacement of defective lighting fixtures, light sources, or control devices and other components; Clean the surface of the lighting device every semester to ensure effective light output; If conditions permit, retest the tested classrooms annually, especially in terms of illumination, chromaticity, and uniformity; Regularly replace lighting products, with fluorescent lamps typically lasting for 5 years and LED lamps typically lasting for 8-10 years.

Huahui Lighting's LED eye protection classroom light and LED eye protection blackboard light have mature lighting technology and meet national certification requirements such as CCC and CQC. The entire light adopts RG0 classroom dedicated anti blue light beads; Ra>90, high color reproduction; Glare value<16, truly achieving anti glare; The color temperature is 5000K, and the illumination in the entire classroom is uniform, effectively protecting the eyesight and health of teenagers, thereby effectively preventing myopia!

Use Huahui LED eye protection classroom lights and LED eye protection blackboard lights, and can also be paired with AIoT intelligent gateway electrical box to achieve intelligent linkage. The intelligent linkage of Huahui LED classroom lighting fixtures can achieve customized management modes for lighting switches (such as class mode, projection mode, lunch break mode, self-study mode, and after-school mode). At the same time, Huahui Intelligent Classroom can change according to the changes in the illumination of the classroom desktop. Equipped with an intelligent lighting control system, it can intelligently adjust the lighting. The system will maintain a constant illumination of the classroom desktop according to the pre-set standard illumination, which is not affected by external light brightness, reduced lamp efficiency, and attenuation of wall reflection coefficient.

As one of the first batch of units in South China to meet the standards for high-quality lighting environment in classrooms, Huahui Lighting has been deeply involved in the lighting industry for 28 years. It has strictly controlled the color temperature, glare, illumination, and other issues of classroom lighting environment in educational lighting, avoiding the harm of poor lighting to the eyes of young people, and safeguarding the visual health of students!



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