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National Disaster Prevention and Reduction Day | Huahui Lighting, Protect the Beautiful Classroom!

National Disaster Prevention and Reduction Day | Huahui Lighting, Protect the Beautiful Classroom!


Today is the 15th Disaster Prevention and Reduction Day in China, with the theme of "Preventing Disaster Risks and Safeguarding High Quality Development". Natural disasters can occur at any time, and disaster prevention and reduction are the common responsibility of the whole nation.

Since 2009, May 12th has been designated as the National Day for Disaster Prevention and Reduction, reminding all sectors of society to pay attention to eliminating hidden dangers and building a strong safety defense line. Schools are also places to ensure the healthy and happy growth of young people, and special attention needs to be paid to safety hazards on campus. Huahui Lighting helps to create a safe classroom on campus and safeguard the learning and growth of young people.

Huahui Lighting adheres to the principle of "quality first, safety first" and strictly requires classroom lighting renovation projects to ensure that the quality of school classroom lighting projects meets standard requirements. Huahui Lighting adapts to local conditions, starting from the environmental status of various schools in various regions, and strictly follows relevant national standards and project technical guidelines for construction. During the renovation, some school lines are rectified for aging, and lighting fixtures are treated for environmental protection, adding dual safety insurance for students and teachers.

The educational lighting products designed by Huahui Lighting are higher than the basic standard parameters set by the country, ensuring the health, comfort, and environmental protection of the school lighting environment. In the field of classroom lighting, Huahui LED eye protection classroom lights and LED eye protection blackboard lights not only have high finger display, no flicker, and a blue light level of RG0, but also have the most critical UGR<15 anti glare design. At the same time, Huahui Smart Classroom is equipped with micro displacement sensors to achieve precise lighting and more energy-efficient eye protection.

Huahui AIoT Smart Classroom Lighting Control Cloud Platform includes an integrated intelligent platform for smart lighting environment, providing remote control, information collection, data analysis, data monitoring, data statistics, fault alarm, life prediction, and other functions. It provides comprehensive real-time monitoring to ensure safety to the end and fully protect the beautiful classroom!

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