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June 6th National Eye Care Day | Love and Protect Your Eyes, Welcome to the College Entrance Examination

June 6th National Eye Care Day | Love and Protect Your Eyes, Welcome to the College Entrance Examination


June 6, 2023 is the 28th National Eye Care Day, and the theme of this year's National Eye Care Day is "Pay attention to universal eye health".

In recent years, the incidence of myopia in China has shown a significant upward trend, and myopia has become a major public health issue that affects the eye health of Chinese citizens, especially adolescents. This type of most common ophthalmic disease is listed as one of the three major diseases in the world. The incidence of myopia in China's population is about 33%, which is 1.5 times the world average (accounting for 22% of the total population).

Having a pair of bright eyes is everyone's wish, and eye care is particularly important in children and adolescents. Huahui Lighting is constantly striving in the field of educational lighting to create a healthy lighting environment classroom.

Educational lighting is the field of educational lighting for children and adolescents. Currently, Huahui Lighting follows five levels of national standards, industry standards, local standards, group standards, and enterprise standards, strictly meeting the requirements of the standards and the entire industry chain, including safety requirements, hygiene requirements, intelligence requirements, quality grading evaluation, testing methods, and strictly following local characteristics to enhance the layout of classroom lighting environment.

The eyes are the windows of the human soul. With the advent of the knowledge economy and the Internet era, people are increasingly relying on visual access to external information. Scientific research has shown that the majority of information obtained by the human body from the outside world comes from vision.

After ten years of hard work, students are about to prepare for the college entrance examination. A happy mood can make us feel sensitive, think clearly, react quickly, enhance memory, and keep our heart, brain, and visceral functions in a stable and coordinated state.

Huahui Lighting has accompanied students through years of hard work and sincerely wishes that all college entrance examination candidates can achieve good results, complete this "adult ceremony" with a more positive attitude, bravely fly their dreams, and pursue unlimited possibilities in the future!

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