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May Fourth Youth Day | New Era, New Youth, New Responsibilities

May Fourth Youth Day | New Era, New Youth, New Responsibilities


The May 4th Youth Day was established to commemorate the May Fourth Movement that broke out on May 4, 1919. It originated from China's anti imperialist and patriotic "May Fourth Movement" in 1919. In 1939, the Northwest Youth Salvation Federation of the Shaanxi Gansu Ningxia Border Region designated May 4th as China Youth Day. In December 1949, the State Council of the Central People's Government of China officially declared May 4th as China Youth Day.

Just like a young student, in the prime of life! In the chaotic world, the passionate and fervent exchanges and debates, as well as the enlightening words of the May Fourth period, still leave people "shaken" after a hundred years. Looking back at their ups and downs in life and their choices in the ups and downs of history during the prosperous era is not without a guide to the current life of young people.

A person can be destroyed, but they will never be defeated

Civilization has its thoughts, barbarism has its physique. The mind, energy, and physical strength merge into one, and there is nothing impossible in this world

Only self-disciplined individuals can stand out and achieve great things

Expressions such as "breaking conventions", "independent thinking", "liberating individuality", "not seeking inspiration from ancient sages and sages, only seeking truth and facts"... are like renewable energy, which still has unparalleled appeal to this day. Patriotic, progressive, democratic, and scientific, spanning time and space, constantly evolving.

What is youth? Have bold and fearless dreams, and a resounding sense of responsibility.

Jumping into a new era, finding one's own sense of existence in the larger world, and establishing a sense of faith on a new stage, new young people will surely shoulder new missions, inspire new actions, and burst into new postures.

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