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Mid autumn festival meets teacher's day full moon Mid Autumn Festival, September thanks

Mid autumn festival meets teacher's day full moon Mid Autumn Festival, September thanks


The bright moon on the sea is born in the tide, and Acacia for thousands of miles goes with the clouds

The sky is high and the clouds are light and the sweet scented osmanthus is fragrant. On teacher's day, I express my heartfelt feelings

Welcome the Mid Autumn Festival, the whole family is happy and the whole family is in good health

Thank your teacher, selfless dedication, teaching and educating people

On the eve of the festival

Huahui education lighting (brand "Huahui lighting")

I wish you all a happy double festival~

01 origin of Mid Autumn Festival

August 15th of the lunar calendar is the traditional Mid Autumn Festival. In ancient times, July, August and September were regarded as autumn, and August 15 was in autumn, so it was called the Mid Autumn Festival. According to the Song Dynasty's Mengliang record, "the three autumns on this day coincide with half a day, so it is called the Mid Autumn Festival. The moonlight on this night is twice brighter than usual, which is also called the lunar evening." Ming Dynasty's "imperial capital scenery strategy" said: "on August 15th, the wife returned to Ning, and on the same day, she returned to her husband's home, which is called reunion day." Therefore, the mid autumn moon has become a symbol of reunion, so it is also called "reunion day".

The Mid Autumn Festival, together with the Spring Festival, Qingming Festival and Dragon Boat Festival, is known as one of the four traditional festivals in China. The Mid Autumn Festival symbolizes the reunion of people with the full moon. It is a rich, colorful and precious cultural heritage to express the longing for hometown and relatives, and to pray for a bumper harvest and happiness.  

Since ancient times, the Mid Autumn Festival has the customs of sacrificing the moon, appreciating the moon, worshipping the moon, lighting lanterns, eating moon cakes, appreciating osmanthus flowers, guessing riddles, and so on. It has been handed down to this day and has lasted for a long time. The Mid Autumn Festival symbolizes the reunion of people with the full moon. It expresses the longing for hometown and relatives, and prays for a bumper harvest, happiness, perfection and reunion.

01 enjoy the moon

In ancient times, there was the custom of "autumn evening and evening moon". The evening moon is to worship the moon god. The custom of appreciating the moon comes from sacrificing the moon, and serious sacrificing has become light entertainment. It is said that the moon is the closest to the earth on this night, and the moon is the largest, roundest and brightest, so it has been a custom to eat and enjoy the moon since ancient times.

02 taste moon cake

Moon cakes, also known as moon group, harvest cake, palace cake, reunion cake, etc., are offerings to the moon god in the ancient Mid Autumn Festival. Moon cakes were first used as sacrifices to the moon god. Later, people gradually regarded the Mid Autumn Festival as a symbol of family reunion. So far, eating moon cakes has become a necessary custom for people in North and South China to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival. On the Mid Autumn Festival, people eat moon cakes to show their "Reunion".

03 play with lanterns

As early as the Northern Song Dynasty (420 - 479) (420 - 479) (420 - 479) (420 - 479) (420 - 479) (420 - 479) (420 - 479), Wulin stories recorded the customs of the Mid Autumn Festival. There were activities of putting a "little red" lamp into the river to drift and play. Mid autumn festival lanterns are mostly played in the south. Nowadays, in many areas of Guangdong and Guangxi, lantern fairs are arranged on the night of the Mid Autumn Festival, large-scale modern lights illuminated by electric lamps are tied, and various new flower lamps made of plastic are also available.

02 teachers' Day

He who drinks its flow will cherish its source, and when he learns its success, he will think of our teacher

There is a spirit called dedication and a quality called selflessness

There is a metaphor for candles, and there is a profession for teachers

Time past quickly.

In a twinkling of an eye, it was September 10 again

Ushered in the 38th teacher's Day

One piece of chalk, two sleeves of breeze

Three feet platform, four seas peaches and plums

The arrival of teacher's Day

The fallen leaves in golden autumn also stand out

I am grateful for the teacher's tireless teaching

September is a new start for children

September is the beginning of every teacher's new devotion

Day after day, year after year, never changing

2022 mid autumn festival meets teachers' Day

Double festival celebration

Let reunion thoughts collide with thanksgiving hearts

Peaches and plums fill the world, and we are reunited in the Mid Autumn Festival

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