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Today's Double Ninth Festival is a beautiful sunset, the earliest time to show filial piety

Today's Double Ninth Festival is a beautiful sunset, the earliest time to show filial piety


Today is the ninth day of the ninth lunar month

Double Ninth Festival

Two and nine are mutually important, also known as "double nine"

"Jiu Jiu" is homonymous with "Jiu Jiu"

Chongyang therefore has a long meaning

since ancient times

Climbing high is the traditional custom of Chongyang

Tang Dynasty poet Wang Wei wrote

"I know from afar that when my brother ascends, he inserts Cornus everywhere, one less person"

It has become a famous sentence that has been handed down for thousands of years

"Juyue" is another name for September of the lunar calendar

Party banquet, chrysanthemum appreciation and poetry

It is also an important activity of the Double Ninth Festival

In ancient times, Tao Yuanming "picked chrysanthemums under the East fence"

Now chrysanthemum festivals are held everywhere

Enjoy chrysanthemums, drink and look at the moon on an autumn night

A wanderer far away from home

Towards the bright moonlight

Place your thoughts on your family

The Double Ninth Festival has been handed down to this day

It is no longer a simple seasonal Festival

It also contains the sense of massiness of time and life

Respect, respect, love and help the elderly

Think about how long I haven't contacted my elders?

How long has it been since we had dinner and chatted?

Our best wish is

I have grown up, you are not old

I strongly repay you that you are still healthy

Today's Double Ninth sun is a beautiful sunset

Huahui education lighting (brand "Huahui lighting")

All colleagues appeal to you

Call your elders or go home

Let our loved ones in this "old people's Day"

Can feel the warmth of company

While the autumn rhyme is strong, while the years are not old

Share the joy of Double Ninth Festival with family and friends

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