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What is intelligent education lighting? Huahui Education Lighting tells you!!

What is intelligent education lighting? Huahui Education Lighting tells you!!


In recent years, smart education lighting has always been a hot news for schools and parents. With the increasing myopia rate of primary and secondary students, it is urgent to transform the traditional classroom lighting. How is the intelligent education lighting system constructed? How do intelligent education lighting manufacturers usually produce these LED classroom eye lights? Now let's introduce Huahui Education Lighting to you in detail!


First of all, we need to understand how the intelligent education lighting system is constructed. As the Internet of all things continues to enter our lives, the traditional classroom lighting is no longer applicable to today's schools. Huahui, as a classroom eye protection lamp manufacturer that has been deeply engaged in the education lighting industry, can not only produce high-quality, healthy and safe LED classroom eye protection lamps, but also provide an overall lighting solution for the education industry. Through the construction of intelligent scenes, the micro displacement of classroom lights, the intelligent linkage control of mobile phone Bluetooth and other functional requirements, Huahui Education Lighting can create a modern smart classroom high-quality lighting environment that is energy-saving, environment-friendly, safe and eye protecting for teachers and students. Full screen touch scene switch can also realize clear projection mode, bright class mode, energy-saving school leaving mode and safe sterilization mode. Huahui intelligent control system can not only enable teachers and students to achieve the required classroom lighting environment at any time through free switching of different scenes, but also can be used independently and compatible with other intelligent campus information platforms.


After understanding the construction of the intelligent education lighting system, I believe that the kids are curious about the LED classroom eye lights that can achieve so many functions! How does Huahui Education Lighting usually produce such high-quality, intelligent and healthy classroom eye lights? Now please go into the daily life of Huahui Education Lighting Factory with the small editor! The seemingly simple LED eye protection classroom lights actually pass countless production processes and aging tests. The classroom lights produced by Huahui Education Lighting have the CCC certificates of LED eye protection classroom lights and LED eye protection blackboard lights. Whether in terms of illumination, color temperature, color rendering index and other aspects, it has reached the national quality and safety standards. The use of classroom lamps produced by Huahui can not only make the classroom illumination uniform, but also free from stroboscopic and blue light hazards, and enable teachers and students to be in a safe, healthy and green lighting environment at any time, so that students can better focus on learning.


Huahui Education Lighting, whether in the construction of intelligent education lighting system or in the professional production of LED classroom eye lights, deserves your trust! For 27 years, Huahui Education Lighting has been committed to building smart educational lamps in schools and making contributions to protecting students' eyesight!

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