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To protect students' eye health, Huahui Education Lighting will help you!!

To protect students' eye health, Huahui Education Lighting will help you!!


In recent years, with the increasing myopia rate of primary and secondary school students, the National Health Commission and the National Education Department have issued a series of policies to help students provide high-quality teaching lighting environment and reduce the academic burden.

Seeing the promulgation and implementation of these policies, I can't help thinking of the time when I was in primary and secondary schools. At that time, science and technology were far less developed than they are now. Take the most common classroom lights every day for example. At that time, classroom lights were long fluorescent lights. There were no special LED blackboard lights and LED classroom eye protection lights like today. As more and more schools have completed the transformation of modern intelligent classroom lighting, selecting high-quality, healthy, intelligent and safe classroom lights has become the key to protecting students' eye health.

So what kind of classroom eye protection lamp should be selected to be most conducive to children's visual health?

First of all, when choosing classroom lights for students, we should choose more representative educational lighting brands and manufacturers. As one of the first units to reach the standard of high-quality lighting environment in classrooms, Huahui Education Lighting has devoted itself to the field of education lighting for 27 years, taking creating healthy, intelligent and safe education lighting as its own responsibility, and making use of healthy products to create a healthy and intelligent environment for students and teachers. Huahui Education Lighting Smart Classroom Solution can provide professional lighting application solutions according to different education and teaching scenarios, achieve centralized equipment management, improve management efficiency, and provide one-stop solutions and services such as lighting design, control scheme design, equipment installation and commissioning, and after-sales maintenance.

Secondly, we should pay more attention to whether the quality of classroom lamps is up to the standard when choosing the classroom eye protection lamps. As one of the top ten educational lighting brands in China's lighting industry in 2021, Huahui Education Lighting has the CCC certificate of LED eye protection classroom lights and LED eye protection blackboard lights. After many studies, Huahui Education Lighting replaced all the old fluorescent tubes in the classroom with LED eye protection classroom lights. Each classroom has 9 LED eye protection classroom lights and 3 LED eye protection blackboard lights. The reconstructed classroom has soft lighting, which greatly increases the comfort of students' eyes, and can provide a more green and healthy classroom lighting environment for students' eye health.

Creating safe, healthy, high-quality and green classroom lamps for every teacher and student using Huahui Education Lighting is the basic standard for every employee of Huahui Lighting. Each LED classroom eye protection lamp produced by Huahui has been studied and tested for many times by production technicians before reaching the classroom used by each student.

Finally, huahui education lighting not only continues to develop and update the eye protection lamps in the production of led classrooms, but also continues to make breakthroughs in the intelligent education lighting control system. The selection of LED classroom eye protection lamps produced by Huahui can not only provide teachers and students with the most basic safe, green and environment-friendly classroom lighting environment, but also can be matched with the overall solution of Huahui Education Lighting AIoT Intelligent Education Lighting. Through the self-developed intelligent lighting products and the self-developed smart box, the intelligent full touch screen scene switch, remote control or mobile phone APP can be used to easily switch the lighting mode that meets the teaching needs, so as to achieve the intelligent needs of the whole classroom, such as constant illumination, one button scene control, curtain linkage, and ultraviolet sterilization!

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