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On May 5, rice dumplings are fragrant. Huahui education lighting wishes you a healthy Dragon Boat Festival

On May 5, rice dumplings are fragrant. Huahui education lighting wishes you a healthy Dragon Boat Festival


The Dragon Boat Festival, also known as the Dragon Boat Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, the heavy five Festival, and the Tianzhong Festival, is a folk festival integrating worship, blessing, entertainment, and food. The Dragon Boat Festival is also an auspicious day of "flying dragon in the sky". The dragon and dragon boat culture has been throughout the history of the Dragon Boat Festival.

————Dragon Boat Festival Poems————

Dragon Boat Festival

Tang lilongji

The Dragon Boat Festival is approaching the middle of summer, and the time is clear and the day is long.

The salt plum has been added to the tripod, and the wine cup has been handed down after the song.

The ancient people have left traces, and the years are deep and long.

When the pavilion knows the luxuriant hibiscus, it feels the fragrance of the reed to the water.

One hundred million trillion people will live a long life, and the public will be prosperous.

Faithfulness, if not replaced, will bring about great prosperity.

"Race poem"

Tang Luzhao

Shixi has been thinking about the Dragon Boat Festival for a long time, watching the hair machine in front of the post house.

When he was agitated, the thunder was faint, and the head of the beast was touched by snow.

The rushing waves highlight the people, and the leaping waves vie for the bird to fly back.

Xiang Dao did not believe that Long Gang had won the championship.

————Customs of Dragon Boat Festival————

Dragon-boat Racing

Dragon boat racing has a long history. It is a collective rowing competition for many people. Dragon boat race is divided into several sections, such as inviting the dragon, offering sacrifices to the Dragon God, traveling the dragon and collecting the dragon. Before the race, a grand sacrifice ceremony is usually held. First, the dragon and the God are invited. Before the Dragon Boat Festival, we should choose an auspicious day to go out from under the water. After offering sacrifices to God, we should install the dragon head and dragon tail, and then prepare for the race. Fujian and Taiwan went to Mazu temple to worship. In the past, when people offered sacrifices to the Dragon God, the atmosphere was very serious. They prayed for blessings, good weather, going astray, fighting disasters and everything.

Wormwood and Acorus calamus

In the Dragon Boat Festival, various flowers and plants that can drive away evil spirits and diseases have been planted for a long time. People regard the insertion of wormwood and Acorus calamus as one of the important contents of the Dragon Boat Festival. Such as hanging wormwood on the door, it is because wormwood is an important medicinal plant. It can also make wormwood to cure diseases, moxibustion points and repel insects. May wormwood contains the most wormwood oil, so the effect is the best. People are competing to collect wormwood. A few wormwood plants are often hung at the door of the house. Because of the special fragrance of wormwood, people use it to drive away diseases, mosquitoes and evil spirits.


Huahui education lighting (brand "Huahui lighting")

I wish you a healthy Dragon Boat Festival

May you pick up your leisure

Let go of busyness

Enjoy your own tranquility

Meanwhile, high temperature in summer

Don't forget travel safety and personal protection

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