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Open a new "visual" world! Start with the transformation of classroom lighting!

Open a new "visual" world! Start with the transformation of classroom lighting!


According to the report of WHO, the incidence rate of myopia among Chinese adolescents is the first in the world at present, and myopia seriously affects national health. According to relevant reports, poor classroom lighting is one of the main reasons for students' myopia. Therefore, it is very important to do classroom lighting transformation work and provide classroom lighting lamps that meet the national lighting standards to protect students' eyesight and open a new "vision" field for teenagers.

When many parents find that their children have vision problems, the first thing they think about is the excessive use of electronic products or the wrong learning posture. Although students' myopia is closely related to these two factors, according to the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the lighting environment in school classrooms is also an important factor causing children's vision problems, which directly affects students' learning efficiency and vision health.

According to a survey, primary and secondary school students in China spend about 60% of their time in the classroom every day and are exposed to unhealthy lighting conditions for a long time: low light will bring visual fatigue; Excessive glare will make the book in hand reflect light; Inefficient light source makes the illumination of the desktop too low. Over time, it will naturally change the refractive system of the eyes, resulting in myopia. It not only reduces the learning efficiency, but also increases the incidence of eye diseases. The lighting quality directly determines the eye hygiene and myopia incidence of teenagers. The incidence rate of eye diseases among adolescents in China has surpassed Japan and become the largest country in the world. The eye health of adolescents is closely related to health lighting. Myopia is caused by many factors, and the substandard classroom lighting is the direct cause of students' myopia. What is more serious is that the rate of substandard lighting in traditional classrooms is as high as 99%.

Most of the school classrooms in China use simple fluorescent lamps, mostly naked lamps without covers. The lighting environment of the classroom is poor:

First, the illuminance and illuminance uniformity are generally lower than the national standards. The standard values of the eye-care classroom lamp are above 300LX and above 0.7, respectively, while the illuminance and illuminance uniformity of the fluorescent tube cannot be met. If students study in a light environment with low illuminance and poor illuminance uniformity for a long time, it is very easy to cause visual fatigue.

Second, the blackboard in most classrooms does not have a dedicated classroom blackboard light. Students can not see clearly, it is difficult to concentrate, and it is easy to visual fatigue, resulting in myopia.

Third, fluorescent lamps are generally equipped with inductive ballasts, which cause severe stroboscopic. In order to adapt to the change of frequency, the student's visual system will adjust too frequently, causing visual fatigue. The current eye-protection lamps require no stroboscopic.

Fourth, the color temperature of fluorescent tubes is too high, generally above 6000K. Because the light color is too white, and the blue light component is too much, it is easy to cause students to be excited, cause eye fatigue, even cause insomnia, and endanger physical and mental health. The color temperature of normal classroom eye protection lamps should be kept at 3300K-5500K, close to natural light, warm and comfortable.

The standard or substandard lighting environment in school classrooms directly affects students' vision. The quality of eye-care classroom lamps on the market is uneven, but the LED eye-care classroom lamps produced by Huahui Lighting stand out among many classroom lamps! As a health promoter of campus lighting, Huahui Lighting has been deeply involved in the lighting industry for 28 years. It is the first batch of qualified units in the classroom lighting environment in South China, and also the "top ten educational lighting brands" in China's lighting industry in 2021. It strictly controls the color temperature, glare, blue light, illuminance and other issues in educational lighting to avoid the harm of poor lighting to students' visual health.

Huahui Lighting has designed special lighting fixtures for classroom lighting - led eye-protection classroom lamp and led eye-protection blackboard lamp, which meet the national standard and maintain an average (constant) illumination of more than 300lx and an illumination uniformity of 0.7; The blackboard maintains an average (constant) illuminance of 500lx and an illuminance uniformity of 0.8; The color rendering index is greater than 90, and the color reversibility is high; The grille anti-glare design is adopted, and the glare value is less than 16, which is not dazzling; The color temperature is 5000K, comfortable and soft; The illumination of the whole classroom is uniform, without stroboscopic and blue light hazard.

Huahui LED eye-protection classroom lamp and led eye-protection blackboard lamp can also be used with the overall solution of Huahui lighting AIoT intelligent education lighting! Huahui Lighting AIoT Intelligent Education Lighting Overall Solution carries the independently developed intelligent box through the independently developed intelligent lighting products, and uses the intelligent control panel or mobile phone APP to easily switch the lighting mode that meets the teaching needs, so as to achieve the intelligent requirements of constant illumination, one-button scene control, curtain linkage, ultraviolet sterilization and so on.



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