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Worried about children's vision health? The sooner we know about such classroom lighting transformation, the better it will be for myopia prevention!

Worried about children's vision health? The sooner we know about such classroom lighting transformation, the better it will be for myopia prevention!


The junior and senior high school students without glasses seem to have become "national treasures". What causes this phenomenon? According to a research report of the World Health Organization, about 60% of primary and secondary school students in China spend their time in the classroom every day. At present, the number of myopia patients in China is 600 million, and the juvenile myopia rate is the highest in the world, showing a trend of high incidence, younger age, and more severe.

In addition to the myopia caused by such factors as high pressure of schoolwork, long time of eye use, excessive use of electronic products, and too close viewing distance of objects, a number of studies have shown that poor classroom lighting is one of the main reasons for students' vision decline. The experiment of the National Natural Science Foundation project "Research on Healthy Lighting in Classrooms Based on Photobiological Effects" shows that school classroom lighting will directly affect students' learning efficiency and vision health.

Since 2018, the Ministry of Education, the National Health Commission and other eight departments jointly issued the Implementation Plan for the Comprehensive Prevention and Control of Myopia in Children and Adolescents, under the increasing attention of all sectors of society to the eye health of children and adolescents, and with the support of a series of relevant policies, classroom lighting has become one of the leading markets for healthy lighting, and all provinces and cities across the country have carried out classroom lighting renovation work, Further create a healthy and comfortable light environment for students in the campus classroom, and improve the eye health level of children and adolescents.

At present, many schools still use traditional fluorescent lamps and energy-saving lamps for classroom lighting. The classroom uses traditional fluorescent tubes. The light in some areas of the classroom is dim, the illumination is uneven, and there are no special lamps for blackboard. Students who study in the light environment with insufficient illumination for a long time can easily lead to visual fatigue, which is not conducive to students' visual health, and seriously affects the teaching efficiency of teachers and students.

In the face of such a severe lighting environment, China's health department has launched a new classroom lighting standard, which puts forward rigid regulations on the illumination, color temperature and other indicators of the classroom, and gradually phased out the traditional fluorescent lamps. As a professional brand in the field of lighting, Huahui Lighting adheres to the concept of healthy light environment, works tirelessly and innovatively in the field of educational lighting, and provides professional and high-quality educational lighting products and lighting solutions for campuses in many regions of the country. The "9+3 solution for intelligent classroom lighting" launched by Huahui Lighting can help traditional classroom lighting realize the transformation of modern intelligent classroom lighting.

First of all, the classroom lighting is installed with 9 LED eye-protection classroom lamps developed and produced by Huahui Lighting. The color temperature of Huahui LED eye-protection classroom lamps (including led eye-protection classroom lamp and led eye-protection blackboard lamp) is 5000K, close to the natural light source, and the light is soft; With high color rendering index and good color restoration ability, the lamps have also made anti-glare design of mesh grille, so that they can read and write clearly under the light without causing dizziness and eye fatigue. Secondly, the blackboard lighting is installed with three LED eye-protection blackboard lamps developed and produced by Huahui Lighting. By adjusting the illumination angle of the blackboard lamp, the blackboard lighting is uniform to avoid the direct glare of the blackboard lamp on the classroom. The classroom lamps are arranged neatly and symmetrically, evenly arranged according to the longitudinal direction of the classroom (the long axis of the lamp is vertical to the blackboard), and the illumination of the classroom desk is sufficient and uniform.

The lighting transformation scheme of Huahui AloT smart classroom has the characteristics of no stroboscopic, no glare, no harm of blue light, moderate color temperature, and excellent illumination. Through professional optical and lighting design, the distribution of optical path and lighting fixtures in the space is adjusted to make the light distribution in the designated area in the space uniform and not dazzling, so as to effectively protect students' vision. Huahui led eye-protection classroom lamp and led eye-protection blackboard lamp can also be used with intelligent full-touch screen scene switch, remote control or mobile phone APP to easily switch the lighting mode that meets the teaching needs, to achieve the intelligent requirements of the whole classroom constant illumination, one-button scene control, curtain linkage, ultraviolet sterilization and so on!



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